I forced a much pending change to influence my life to a bit… last week I got an internet connection at home. Though getting it started was such a pain in the neck, I am enjoying every moment of it now. When it comes to technology, I am such a back bencher that those who know even the T of Technology would laugh at me. A lot to learn it seems and I am looking forward to new thing.

I am even more excited with the fact that I can connect to all those blogs I was regular with at one point of time…including my own.


8 thoughts on “Change…

  1. arre, u r more tech savvy if u use internet on ur phone. Instead of saying that u do not know anything on d comp, u shud boast dat u blog from ur phone. Look at me, i know almost everything on d computer but i cannot figure out how to blog from my touch phone. Grrr..

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