Just Like That

I have already done it 3-4 times by now…writing a line and then deleting it. This seems to have become the trend for me now.

As I avoid to chew my nail in the tension of what to write about, let me quickly start with anything and then let that anything take shape on its own.

To start with today…I met a friend today who happened to be my shining armour saving me from a boring day. Though I wanted to see some movie but the gupshup session was not bad either.

I have been talking to a lot of people of-lately, thanks to my new internet connection 😀 …and I like the fact that I can now touch even more lives. Yeah, I do believe that even my presence on FB touches some lives. Though my status updates, comments, wall posts etc people to spend a minute or two to think about what I say. Trying to be more frequent on my blog…and this time I have to make efforts for that, now this is something to worry about if it continues to be like this for a longer period of time. But being a bit of optimist I am hoping that this would not bother me after sometime.

I am on a break from diet, do I need to mention my terms with food now?? 😉

A lot of plans are at their initial phase in my head these days…plan to visit Mumbai in December, to change certain things in life, planning for few friends’ upcoming weddings etc etc…

I have been away from movies and now its been complete 2 weeks. Thanks to my prolonged illness and the non-availability of my movie partner who has shifted home to a farther place.

Hopefully the coming week would be better…


4 thoughts on “Just Like That

    • Surprisingly….it was better…as I have been getting compliments for 3 days continuously now, from almost everyone who saw me… if not through word, then through eyes…u know… 😉 😀

      I Love It…!!!!

  1. I like:
    1. the fact that u have an internet conn at home now
    2. that u r blogging more often now
    3. that u are being an optimist 😀

    I don’t like:
    1. your staying away from the movie halls for so long
    2. and the increased distance between you & your movie partner 😦

    What “certain things” are u planning to change btw?

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