All I Think About Is….FOOD!!!!

Thats true…when people around me are speculating a probability of guy in my life, all I think about is FOOD…instead of a guy!!!

That doesn’t mean I don’t think about a guy at all…when it comes to thoughts we sure can accommodate everything that we want to…so yeah, I do think about them too 😛 ….them in bold cos there is no particular one. The only advantage of being single is that you can dream about anyone you like…and you are free to like N number of who-so-ever at any given point…you know kisi ki aankhein achhi hain, kisi k baal…kisi ki awaaz achhi hai toh kisi ki baatein…Sigh! Too tough competition…

Ok…enough about guys, back to food now… as you all know that I have been following a strict routine of diet to control my fastest growing weight, its been few weeks that I am off it…yeah, I have taken a leave of a month from it and I am loving itt!!! 😀

I can eat everything that I wanted to over these months, I have been making a list of all my sacrifices. It’s a great feeling when you don’t have to thik twice before taking a bite…but, I do have few ‘friends’ to remind me that there are only few days left before going back to the same routine…friends hote kis liye hain, khushiyo me lal mirch ka tadka lagane k liye… With Diwali around I hardly listened to anyone… I seem to have developed a Sweet-tooth suddenly and that of Spicey too and not to forget chatpata…Did I miss out on anything?????

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8 thoughts on “All I Think About Is….FOOD!!!!

  1. 🙂

    If I were to write a post, it’d be just similar to what you wrote. Food, food and just food… 😛 And also about the benefits of being single… 😉

    Thankfully, I didn’t have to give up on anything for the sake of dieting… 😀

  2. Dieting?? WHY?!!
    Bindass khao and workout na!! I am telling you…workout karke jo awesome feeling aati hai na…woh dieting kabhi nai de sakta!
    The plate of momos is soooo yumm…im going to the market right now. 😀

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