Bundles Of Joy

We are crazy about them, they are so cute that we cant let them go off our lap, we often don’t let them sleep cos we cant keep our hands off them, they look so cuttteee while they sleep, they are not less than a child, they are the kings and queens of home, they are our best friends, the ones which wont ever need an explanation and a reason to love us, no matter how scary they are to others for us they are always the statue of innocence, we cant imagine our lives without them, they are the ones to wake us up and kiss goodbye to the day only after making sure that they had a nice meal and are comfortable in their corner, after a hectic day we feel glucose running in our body when they come running towards us…

someone who doesn’t have a pet can never understand the joy and attachment we pet owners share…its beyond words…it doesn’t need words actually…a smile, that twinkle, one tear and innumerable hugs says everything…

2 yrs back I lost mine…but the warmth n memories are still alive and I would never let them fade with time…

In Love with Dino ALWAYS…..

Yet another 01-Dec passed by with great efforts….


4 thoughts on “Bundles Of Joy

  1. Exactly ! Not everyone can experience that special feeling of having someone as loving and loyal…

    I wonder how people fail to understand each other… But how animals so easily and completely understand humans…

    I miss the probable opportunity of getting to meet Dino too…

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