Wherever you go, Life remains what it is…

1:11 am

And I am up inspite of the fact that I have to go to office tomorrow. This simply means that there is something that is more important to write about than sleeping 🙂 …to mark the day (12-Dec)

I happened to be a part of a meeting today….a round-table of friends over coffee! They were new…a common friend was the link. As usually happens in such meetings…you feel awkward in the beginning, so did I. I am no different. More over, I dint expect this meeting to be this soon….like with a blink of an eye.

Anyhow, what’s important is that by the time it was time to say goodbye…no one wanted to leave 😀 This is what I felt, if not anyone else. Everytime we said, “let’s move”…something or the other would catch our attention and we would start all over again with discussions and leg-pulling. It was one of those rare occasions when you meet strangers and somehow you like their company in a strange way. I knew that we all were dealing with something or the other in our respective lives… but for those few hours it was just four of us. I almost forgot everything that has been crossing my mind every now n then for all these days…and I hope everyone else felt the same too.

We talked about numerous things…the title of this post for that matter, Title of my Blog – I for an Eye…going beyond the beyond…Army, CCD, Costa etc 😛

The meeting further made me think about a lot of things though….but that I would take up later. Right now it’s just about spending a good weekend after a long time…with the festivity of Christmas around the corner…decorated malls…close friend…deep thinkers…coffee…cold and a quest 😉


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