Good Bye 2010

Dear 2010,

You have been a great year, you tested me and taught me in a lot many ways. I would always remember you for reasons yet to be listed in this letter to you cos before that a lot of nostalgia needs to be shared. Like all the other years of my life, you also came and went by…making me abuse you at times…then laugh at you at many a times and rest of the time I was just happy that days are going by as soon as they can. Till few days back i had nothing good to say to you, but then while in conversation with Shivani I realised…ok ok…she made me realise that after all you were not that bad and since then I have been thinking about reasons to remember you, you would be shocked to know that I have been successful in finding quite a few 🙂

At the beginning of the year my team changed and I was a part of this huge team. Initially I struggled but eventually I managed to carve my niche here, so what if I am still trying to come up with the learning curve when it comes to process, I found a different creative side of me while trying to find my own identity here. I love the fact that I have come across many people here who have good things to say about me… I hope they don’t back-bite 😛 …jokes apart, I think I can differentiate between fake n sincere ones by now.

I took up a challenge to deal with my weight and got to know about my now dynamic dietician 🙂 I would always be giving the credit of this good loss to her. It was difficult but she made it easy. Even if I cheated with the diet plan quite a lot of times the fear of facing her made me come back. Eventually I started looking forward to our meetings cos of those short conversations where she would try to boost our morale and would share the learning about her life too. She made me love my reflection in the mirror again ❤

For the first time in my life I spent a year without non-veg food. The absence did tempt quite a lot of times…especially when there were people around gobbling non-veg food, but then it wasn’t that bad either otherwise.

I was a part of exhibition as a painter….arranged by the institute I completed my Fine Arts course from. And from my batch of people I was the only one whose painting was bought by someone. I still wonder about this fact and it makes me feel proud at the same time.

For the first time in my life… I spent a year on my own… without faith on anything in this world but with a single hope that things would be fine. Towards the end of last year, I started dealing with the numerous questions about faith, which I was not able to find answers for…and the same thing continued this year…keeping me away from prayers and temples.

I bought a laptop and finally got a broadband too 😛

After many years I called someone my Best Friend only to regret later. And from now on…its a promise to myself, no matter how close a friend is; I would not ever refer anyone as a Best Friend. It really makes you feel sick when distances grow and the worst part is that the other one stands in front of you with a logic list when you need them. You then wonder what made you consider them to call a Best friend…

Though I was not very active in the Blogging world but I do was in touch with my favourite ones throughout the year…Blogging has given me a whole new set of people to cherish and carry on the conversation with. I look forward to these conversations as I consider the intellectual level of bloggers around higher than an ordinary person.

I started writing for Kaddu’s eMag Kadzilla’s Lounge. Every time I asked someone about a movie review they used to ask me why I needed it…and then I would boast about being a part of this eMag 😛 … though I struggles many a times to provide the material one time (like this time) but I did try my best

I was disappointed as a writer and a blogger. I was not able to write as much as I used to before. Many a times there were a lot of things to say but I kept choosing words and failed eventually. I played the game of writing and deleting most of the times.

I started a blog for someone…I kept a track of each and every thought that crossed my mind with respect to him…sometimes some memories of the past or something that I wanted to share from present or some plans of future…this blog was more of a one sided conversation between me and him. I eventually deleted this blog.

I was very sure this year, whom I want in my life and whom I don’t. I had the liberty of keeping some aside where as some had no options. But I made sure to keep distance from those. Though there are few of my friends whom I am not able to get in touch with cos of situations. And there are some I am keeping a distance from intentionally as over the years they made me believe that I can be much better without them. A friend for me is someone who would help you out in your troubling times, for a good time why would I need a friend to share it…any xyz would be happy to share happy moments. The satisfaction of sharing a good time with a friend comes, only when they have seen the worst with you and helped you come out of it…and infact only such friends deserve the best of you.

I was not able to travel as much as I wanted to, couldn’t sleep as much as I wanted to, couldn’t eat most of the dishes I wished to, watched a lot of movies…some good, some bad and some ugly, but loved the experience, made manyyy friends, got lots n lots of compliments, liked someone but not to the extent of sharing my feelings with him, was a week short of witnessing a snowfall, missed the presence of someone at many occasions, tried to be a good human being to others (I am sure some would laugh at this), wrote a post which would be One Hell Of A Post for me and would always ALWAYS be close to my heart, amongst a lot of gloomy moments I tried my best to keep the flame of hope alive….and I wish this flame to catch fire to make my life as bright as ever this year.

All in all you were a great year…let your friend 2011 know that I have high expectations from it. Let it prepare itself for me 😉

Take Care,



 And I hope for all of you  who happen to read this, to keep that hope alive which I was trying to talk about in above letter…there might be rainy days but make sure that flame is kept safe in your heart for the good times which everybody deserves to see. Till then…..keep doing what you are suppose to do…making efforts for a better tomorrow.

Cheers !!!


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