A Quick Recap

So last year gave a lot of memories while saying Goodbye.

Being a Secret Santa

This was something that we planned as an activity on the floor. Approx 120 associates were supposed to exchange gifts without disclosing who brought gifts from whom. It went quite well, I could see many smiling faces at the end of the day. The thing that stood apart from everything was the fact that I played Santa too for few of my friends. Christmas is one of the festivals when the spirits are high in a right way 😛 . I bought gifts for few of my friends and placed them on their desks before their arrival. Some were ecstatic and some were confused and wondered if it was for them. But whichever the case may be, all I was concerned about was their smile which I was able to see.

Trip to Shimla

A sudden trip to Shimla which was planned a day before we left in about half an hour. 4 of us in a Nano, went to Shimla. We were no less than a celeb sitting in a Limo….giving someone a ‘second look’ is passé, heads turned again n again n again when people saw a Nano on its way to Shimla… It was a pleasurable journey. For the first time in my life I could feel the chill down the spine not cos I feared something…but cos it actually was freezing cold. We were hoping to see the snowfall in Shimla, and it FINALYY snowed…BUT after 4 days when we left Shimla.

It was COLDDDDDD out there in Shimla ……


Yeah… my first movie of the year…No One Killed Jessica! The day was full of emotional factor…whether it was about watching the movie or about discussing my blog with someone or just the plain simple conversation about life…the day suddenly took a U turn to Emo-station.

Chun’s Badday

It’s been a ritual since a couple of years to visit Chun at her badday…either it’s the same day or a Sunday just before the D-Day. This year was no new…we all met and had FUN. Pictures are such a great invention…Some pics were posted by Sam yesterday and we went back to our get together…and today I posted some pics and since then I have been busy replying to the funny replies. I met Chun today…we had dinner together…A Subway sandwich 😛


Someone asked for the link of my blog in office. I should have warned her about one single post which has the power of spoiling someone’s mood but then I never knew that she would actually read in detail.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Recap

  1. & that some had to be me 😦 y GOD. First time in my life I had gone beyond my way to look for some more information about somebody (some one i dont even know) … I didn’t even leave goggle for that matter. May his soul rest in peace. Will try and go thru some happy stuff today 🙂

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