While coming back from office today in the office cab, I was listening to music n soon I was half asleep when suddenly I woke up with a thought that crossed my mind like a lightening. May be it I was about to dream when the driver pushed the break suddenly, forcing me to wake up…I immediately wanted to go back to the same half asleep state to start off from the same thought. It was Dino that crossed my mind in that fraction of a second…as if he was coming to meet me, but someone called him back. It added to worsen my not-so-good mood and since then the craving to see him again….alive, is playing games. I wish I could have one video of his…just one…where I could hear him bark, see him throw tantrums; feel him listening to me…

This is one of those days where I have been feeling weird throughout and was not able to comprehend the reason. All I want right now… is to see Dino sitting in front of me, tilting his head innocently as if he knows everything and understands everything



3 thoughts on “Dino

  1. Yep…sometimes you just want to take out someone from your past and never let them go…but then, that’s life…to learn to live even with losses and yet to hope for something good!

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