Eternal Bliss … !!!

Past few days have been quite happening….Life seemed good, even if it was for few days.

I had alot of reasons to feel good about….Since Thursday I am in a state of ecstasy .

Reason # 1 – Joey’s Birthday

Details – Joey turned 2 on Thursday. For the benefit of those who are not aware of who Joey is…lemme mention that Joey is a 2 year old Golden Labrador who is an apple of an eye for my childhood friend Chunmun and her brother Karan… me too, cos he reminds me of Dino everytime I meet him. I consider him to be Dino’s twin. He meets me with the same excitement as Dino used to treat me…he sometimes behave the same way too, but I guess all dogs behave in the same way. He has the same sparkling eyes and the same patience level.

So after a long long time…more than 2 years to be precise I went for pet shopping. I was too excited to buy a birthday present for Joey and thankfully he did like what was bought for him. It was wonderful to see him getting used to with his new toy 🙂

Bought the same thing for Cheeku too (Sam’s golden Labrador), but dint get the opportunity to present the same to him…sometime soon may be! 🙂

Reason # 2 – Generic

Details – So while we were celebrating Joey’s birthday, a guest came in. He was none other than a month old black Labrador named Generic. For a while all our attention was diverted to the cute lil fella… but soon we realised that the birthday boy must be feeling jealous. Infact we did tease him a bit 😛 …. once I took Generic in my arms I felt like keeping it forever 😀

Reason # 3 – KFC

Details – Few of you know that I was not eating non-veg for a while. So after almost a year and a half I treated myself with KFC.  It felt amazing… as if I were a feather floating in the air after being dropped from cloud # 9 😛

Next day…Friday…

Reason # 4 – Friday

Details – Wasn’t FRIDAY an enough of reason??? Duh…!!!

Reason # 5 – Meeting with Nea

Details – Nea is one of my very good friends with whom I have a different and unique bond (touchwood!!!), whenever we talk….its transparent, heart to heart…mind to mind. I for sure know that this is one person who would always wish good for me amongst many fake people around. So, I was meeting Nea as she recently gave birth to a baby boy….and it was altogether a different feeling to meet the new addition in the family. I was afraid of taking the baby in my arms as I feared of harming him…he seemed too delicate and is so small…but when I held him once, I dint feel like putting him on bed again. And Mr. Lil Prince was too comfortable sleeping in my lap with a smiling face 🙂

Reason # 6 – Long Drive

Details – well…almost!! Too much of traffic made me believe that to be a long drive…and then KFC again 😀

Next Day…Saturday…

Reason # 7 – Catching up on some sleep

Details – Saturday being the first day of the weekend seems to be a blessing for a person like me to catch up with the lost dreams. This time I slept till 3:30 – 4:00 PM to break all records.

Last day of the weekend….Sunday…

Reason # 8 – Meeting with the dietician

Details – She is one person who usually makes me smile everytime I meet her. Meeting with her involves a tiring journey through metro too, but then it also has an unique charm.

Reason # 9 – Hyde

Details – Met a friend after a long time, someone who has been there on phone all this while when I was most of the times dealing with the blues.

Reason # 10 – Chocolates

Details – Ate some ‘chocolates’ and am feeling quite at ease…naiiice…about everything under this sun 😛 😉

…Wonderful weekend comes to an end…and it has nothing to do with the overrated…overhyped Valentine Week!!!!


6 thoughts on “Eternal Bliss … !!!

  1. 😀

    Wow ! Some really happenning days. 🙂 Must say I’m feeling jealous what with Joey, Generic and all the KFC. 😛

    It’s settled then. We are going to KFC the next time I land in Delhi. 😀

  2. So now I do understand that you prefer taking dogs, babies and chocolates in your arms! 😛

    Wonderful, isn’t it?

    Happy V Day. Sorry to have been absent from your blog for some time now. Work keeps me super busy and I hardly find time for myself.

    • It indeed is an awesome feeling…barring chocolate though, these ones were special 😛 ..and there are few more to add on to that list 😉

      same is the case with me…even I haven’t been able to read anybody blogs…thanks to my daily routine 😦

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