Happy Holi !!!

It’s around 2:30 am in my lappy clock as I start writing this…I hope it gets posted on time too. Holi day has started for us in India and that’s the reason home page of FB is flooded with nice status messages.

It’s been long…very long since I haven’t been able to write anything, but I just thought of posting anything today….just anything. So please don’t feel bad if none of this makes sense to you apart from the first few lines ;P

I experienced something beautiful on the eve of Holi. Moon was said to be closest to the earth, I went upstairs on the terrace for a walk. “It indeed is beautiful” is what I thought and the immediately realised that I find everything related to the chaand beautiful…by default 😛

It was slightly cold…as compared to the heat that earth emits during the day. There were slight clouds, playing hide and seek with the moon and with the absence of stars around him Moon just looked super stunning, getting the full attention. To add glitter to the moment I switched on some songs on my cell phone as otherwise I was forced to hear the sound of horns pulled by some who happen to cross the crossed road nearby or the noise of dhol playing few blocks away. I was listening to this song called “Te Amo” from the new movie Dum Maaro Dum and it was beautiful… I could do the picturisation of the whole song in mind….me as the female lead 😉

In that moment of my life, I wished to be at a camping site…enjoying the serenity of moon with the tranquillity of the nature. The sound of flowing river would have added that special effect and the presence of someone special would have made it Complete 🙂


4 thoughts on “Happy Holi !!!

  1. Not sure about Dum Maaro Dum part, but that night was sure beautiful!

    PS – You could have tried beer instead, it could have taken you to higher highs! 😉

    • Well…you have to listen to the song to be sure about the fact that it indeed is lovely…a perfect synchronization of words and music when you are slightly falling in Love again with yourself and with the surrounding…you know that Magic Wand touch to the magical moments of life 🙂

      PS. Beer was kept in the freezer for the perfect taste the next day 😉

      • That song is too jazzy, though it’s a treat to the eyes! 😉 😛

        And explain, how do people store beer in their fridge ..I can not! It is too tempting always! 😀

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