The One

“You seem to be like a birthday gift to me, which God must have sent across while fiddling with my life somehow. I wonder if it was an accident or a mistake or He actually wanted me to have some moments of smile and laughter. I believe that He wanted me have a sigh of relief amidst all the chaos.” Mi wrote in her secret diary which she used to address to eM. They both have been Kindergarten mates and eM hate Mi since then, but somehow there reunion after years have made her feel different…entirely different!

They first departed when they were in grade 3, eM’s father got a job in a different city hence they had to move. eM came back after 3 years when they were in grade 6 and again were in the same school n class. This time they were almost neighbours too. eM hated every site of Mi. Mi was not attractive but one could find her pretty after spending some time with her. Mi always met heart breaks at every turn of her life. They never transformed into relationships, rather ended up being a fire burnt at only at one side. eM came back in her life when she was at the verge of losing faith in life. He was unaware of how Mi’s life was, but he did start behaving nicely…after all he was no more a school going kid. This time they accidently happen to meet at a shopping mall, Mi ignored and carried on keeping in mind her past experiences with him where he had nothing to make her feel better. But eM recognised her and approached her to talk. There meeting was very formal, eM asked for Mi’s number and they agreed to keep in touch. A week passed by and the numbers were not put into use. Mi almost forgot about the little encounter with eM and moved on with her life.

All of a sudden on a Sunday morning Mi’s phone rang, she wasn’t even up from her bed when she picked it up to hear eM’s voice on the other end…asking her to come down to meet her. She had no choice but to get downstairs in 5minutes. “what are you doing here?” Mi enquired. “Well, came here to meet some old friends” is what she got an answer along with a warm smile. They talked for a while, when eM popped up the question out of the blue “Would you accompany me to a concert tonight?”. Puzzled Mi replied ‘sure’ as an answer and then later on cursed her for saying the same. “He is going to be the same…he would end up making fun of me like he always did, why the hell did I agree!!” while thinking all this she also decided on what to wear for the night as she had no choice to turn the offer down.

eM was at the door step to pick her up sharp at 8 in the night. He wore denims with white formal shirt, a combination which always took Mi’s heart away. On the contrary to his casuals, Mi chose a formal black dress for the occasion. Mi enjoyed the evening with eM and by the end of the concert believed that he has changed but what made him change was still doubtful. eM dropped her back home, the car was stopped right next to the staircase of Mi’s house but none of them wanted to move. It seemed like Mi has finally got to talk after ages. They kept talking for about an hour and when it was time to say good bye and good night, eM leaned forward to kiss her. It came as a surprise to Mi, a pleasant one this time though. She without thinking further returned the favour and it looked like, with interest too. She loved the warmth of his mouth and his playful hands which were trying to search for their destinations. They kept going on until the headlight of another car coming from the front intervened. They moved apart and Mi quickly got out to go back home. Before she could reach at the door of her house she received a message from eM. “Please don’t consider it a mistake, it was something that I wanted to show you for a very long time….my Love for you. But rather ended up hurting you every time”. Mi wasn’t sure how to react, but she liked each and every feeling that crossed her mind during those few minutes, “what he made me feel through that kiss couldn’t be fake”, she thought. It was for the first time she was made to feel special, she felt like a women, she felt needed, loved…feelings which have always been alien to her. She was at the top of the world and yet was recalling every past encounter when she was rejected, by each and every person she thought would hold her hands to walk a few steps. Forget about walking along a few steps, no one ever even offered to hold hands. Mi replied to the sms, “When did you continue to hurt me if you never wanted to?”. eM replied immediately, “would like to explain everything…over a cup of coffee tomorrow???” … “OK”…” 🙂 “

They were sitting across the table when eM started decoding everything that he ever did in the past. “I was a kid, I knew I loved you ever since I know…but dint know how to accept..moreover what fellow students thought about me also mattered, I never wanted anyone to know about my feelings for you and hence always behaved opposite of how I wanted to. I thought that if I take up fights with you no one would ever come to know. But then I forgot that after all I needed to answer myself too”, Mi was listening to each and every word carefully, “the kid I have always known has grown up” she thought to herself. “And do you even know how much eager I was to meet you again and what all I had to go through. I almost travelled across the world to search for you. I am not asking you to believe me right now, I understand that I must have barged in your life all of a sudden. Take your time, give me some time to prove myself right and then take the decision”. eM continued to unwrap his emotions which he kept in his heart for this day,” I don’t even know if you already have someone in your life or not. If there is…all I have to say is that, I AM going to keep you happy for the rest of your life…more than what anyone else could.” Mi kept wondering, all she wanted to do at that moment was to hug eM and cry…for all those moments of rejection…for all those moments of loneliness…for all those moments of self doubt…for all those moments of helplessness…she only wanted to hug him tight and never let go…

eM dint give Mi much time to stay single, as soon as she said yes they tied the knot which was within 2 months of this encounter. There is no point wasting time when you meet someone for whom your heart beats a little faster saying softly “this is The One…this is The One”, all you need is that pair of ear which could listen to this voice clearly.

PS. My first attempt with a positive ending 😀


2 thoughts on “The One

  1. 😀

    You always keep surprising us all with your hidden talents once in a while. 🙂 Extremely well written piece this one. I’d rather see this as a positive beginning than a positive ending. Hope there’s a lot more to come. 😀

    • “I’d rather see this as a positive beginning than a positive ending” … I so wish for the same 🙂
      Thank you so much Shobhit for such a nice comment… I Loved it! 🙂

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