When A Stranger Is Your Source Of Energy With No Reason

I know I have missed out on many things that I wanted to talk about and India winning the World Cup tops the chart, what brings me here today is something that happened on Saturday. Have you ever felt so content after talking to a stranger that too for about just anything? Well, I was at Vasant Kunj Promenade when I was trying to get an auto back home. You know how these autowalas are, the one who said yes to me refused a lady few seconds ago…probably someone who needed an auto more than me as she was not able to walk properly. Before I could say anything, he asked me if we could let her share the auto. I, ofcourse had no problems. What pissed me off was the fact that he asked for Rs.20 from that lady and even then said, ”laal batti pe utar jana” (drop off at the Red Signal). She ofcourse said ‘No’ and he was about to move the auto. I asked him that why would he drop her off at the red light when she is paying some money? And anyways, I was paying more than required cos of availability of no other auto at the sight. So all-in-all, she should be dropped off where she wanted (which apparently was slightly away from the route but I was ready to manage). She accompanied me for about 10mins. She was a lady guard at Meena Bazaar in Promenade and hurt her feet while getting off from a bus. It was a red light and before she could get down, driver accelerated…making her fall down and someone else on her. She got some stitches in her toes cos of which she was in pain and was not able to walk. On top of it she was not allowed to take leaves and hence, was required to show her face at the store. Usually her hubby picked her up everyday, but they were not able to get the bike from the service centre. She was sweet, said that her stitches would open on Tuesday and that she can imagine the pain. I asked her to take her husband along 😉

That was it… nothing much, but I felt so good and content that day.


4 thoughts on “When A Stranger Is Your Source Of Energy With No Reason

  1. 🙂

    Good deeds never go unrewarded. May the day come when you find yourself stranded in front of Promenade, with not a single auto in sight…….

    ……. and then a handsome guy pulls over in his brand new sports car and offers you a lift……. 😉 😛 😀

  2. I can relate to what you must have felt…some strangers do leave a mark on you. I still remember this one lady whom I had met about 10 years back in a local bus; she was the only one who faught with the whole male gang asking them to leave one of the ‘ladies’ seat for me! They, of course, didn’t comply, but her gesture was amazing!

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