Happy Birthday Dino

 My Dear Dino,

You would have been 8 today…and I hope would have had some kids too, If God had granted you some more years with us. I always was more excited for your birthday than mine. I loved shopping for you. I still remember that birthday of yours when you had only me to accompany you. I tried my best to make that day memorable for you…hope I dint disappoint you. Nevertheless, the day is instilled in the memory card of my mind and can only be erased in case of memory loss. I bought a birthday cap for you and your biscuits, calcium bone and toys as gift, apart from pastries to serve as a cake. I had cut it on your behalf and ate it too 😛 …sharing some with you ofcourse.

Today, I remembered all those days and events which are embedded in my mind. I again craved to have my real time soft toy with me….just for one hug…just one!!

I have nothing much to gift you today except my love and wishes which doesn’t need an occasion and are always with you…and a promise that I would NEVER EVER let you go out of my memory.

Happy Birthday Dino…

Miss you always,


PS. Hope you liked the pastry bhaiyya kept for you…


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