Today… I bid you Farewell, with a Smile.


Conversations are an essential part of our lives. You never know which conversation would change your life. Today, a discussion took place which helped me take a step in my life forward…leaving few painful memories behind. The similar thought knocked the door of my mind many a times before, but this time I knew that I would open the door. I wanted this restlessness to go away, the feeling that I feel when I think about Dino and why he died so soon. I was not able to come to the terms with the fact that death can happen to anyone, doesn’t matter if he/she is closest to you or not. We always see these things in movies and never realise that this may happen to us. Similarly, I knew that Dino died, but why he…why so early…. it wasn’t the time…. what wrong did he do for anybody…these were the questions that always kept haunting me. Today, I made an effort to accept that death has no time, it won’t even knock at the door, it wouldn’t see who it is….it would just come and complete the job. Same thing happened, Dino went away cos his purpose in our lives was over…now he has a new venture, new place to explore, new people to meet…and I should just be happy for him that he has moved on. Now, I should let him go completely so that my calls n cries doesn’t impact him. He has played his role…by holding him with myself and by making every possible effort to make his presence felt in whatever I do, I am just making it difficult for him. It would come across as if his work wasn’t done completely, which is not true…he has given the unconditional love to each n every family member… Love that we always hope for and now he should move on victorious to contribute in a best possible way for his next role. I know it sounds weird, but I have let him go today as he now belongs to a new world. With this I am trying to let go all the pain n guilt I ever had for him keeping the Love intact along with those sweet memories which would always be captured in heart. I felt that last hug today, I felt those eyes looking at me with questions… hopefully I answered all the questions. I would be happy remembering him now and never a saddie…


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