“Things change…and what seemed important at one point hold no charm now. Everything has changed but yet the past has kept us secured in its heart with all the gold and pebbles…”

This is what I answered to one of my very old school friends when she smsed me after watching 2 chirpy school girls on the road, going to the school in the rain wearing the same uniform. The enthusiasm with which they were talking to each other reminded her of us. After 10th standard she shifted to a place near my house and then started our gossip walk sessions from school to back home. You must be wondering why only one way?? Well, I always used to be late…so dad used to drop me…even though I never used to be on time. Even now, I guess I am running late for quite a lot of things in life. Anyway, coming back to today morning….so she was watching these two girls while her cab was surfing through the roads of Mumbai. Memories pour in like the falling drops of rain and she acknowledged them by messaging me. Suddenly, my Thursday became fresh with the innocence of childhood and that shyness of adolescence. We both agreed that now everything related to school seems nice, when at that point there were things which used to annoy us. And they all seem to bring a smile on our faces. That’s true, when we go through a situation we never realise how we would feel when we would think about the same few years down the line. At that moment we just behave the way we feel is right. After few years, after the experience of life for few more years when we go back in the memory lane and comes across these kind of crossroads we realise that how immature we were at that time….that innocent approach which doesn’t look into the future and is just concerned about that moment brings a smile on our face. Who thinks of securing a future in that age or about savings or about saving a job??? Homework, bunking, crushes, valentine week etc seem more important at that stage. As you move on in life, you realise that it’s just your past which has kept the essence of you intact. We would not change, we are still the same in our memories in our past…with all the good that we had and all the bad we were….but in reality we have come a long way. From friends the attention has shifted to spouse, from homework to presentations, from eating out to parents-teacher meetings, from cheating in exams to going high on the hierarchy in office, from revisions to presentations… from long discussions with friends to just memories…



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