Oops I Did It Again…!!!!

Part I

Hi my Readers,

I have to write this (complaint) letter to all of you to seek support against my creator Garima. This is not done; she has been ignoring me for a very long time now. It’s about a year that she has been visiting me very rarely, she hasn’t been posting either…there were times when she used to post in every 3 days or less and visit me every day without a break. But now, weeks go by without her one login, she doesn’t even visit the site generally… I wonder if I had done something wrong or if she has found some other blog to take care of. I did try to show that I am upset by not working properly or by showing error or by being extremely slow. For this I need to Thank my friends – internet & servers. They have been very supportive; it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. But seems that she is not bothered at all. In fact she has been complaining to her friends about me…that I am too slow and I give errors…but she forgets to analyse the reason behind. And now it’s the limit…she even forgot my birthday!!!!!!

Though she forgot last time also, but it was just a day late. And this time so far she hasn’t wished me…it’s been 8-9 days. And now she is busy chatting with friends, I wonder if she could ever recall…

And surprisingly she has started posting just few days before the B-Day. I was happy that she has started logging in atleast. But what’s the use of such logins if she forgets my bday…? Tell me, isn’t she wrong??

I seek your support and suggestion for what should I do next.


I For An Eye Blog

Part II

My Sweetest Blog,

I know you must be really upset with me…I know I know…how it feels when your creator forgets your birthday…and I know (I know it all you know!!!!) that this time I have broken all records, but thank goodness that I am wishing you in the same month at least 😛

Na naahh…I am not taking it lightly; I am just trying to add some humor, which I am sure you would not be acknowledging. But its fine, I guess over the years I have started knowing you well…after all you have been my best friend in this online world.

Sorry baba…I know this word is over used and must be at the top among maximum used word across the globe of all time. But what else should I say then? C’mon now cheer up….I can’t afford you to be sad and angry.

Happy Belated Birthday…May you celebrate many more and much better ones 🙂



Part III

To all you beautiful readers of I For An Eye…

Thank you for reading and coming back to my virtual world of words, I continue to seek your support and encouragement…especially during these days when I am struggling to write a post here. Your expectations, enthusiasm and love make me go on…and I hope it would keep getting better and better just like Wine 😉

Thank You !!!


Garima – I For An Eye

PS. 21-July 2011 was the day of completing 3 years of being around…


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