Happy Friendship Day

Here comes the day again….for my most favourite people out there…My Friends!!!!

The circle by no means has decreased in circumference, it has only increased. Few people made it grow, few left the zone & yes, this time few were pushed out of the limits too.

There have been times when I Thanked my stars for making me meet those souls who respect my compassion for them & there were moments when I wondered why did I initiate the bond to hurt myself at the end…all in all, life is all about leaving the bad experiences to rest in peace and taking the good ones along in the journey of life.

So, Thank You all those who have made through this shore of time along with me. I would never turn my back to you in the time of need… Happy Friendship Day !!!


It’s all about mutual compassion, any kind of misbalance would lead to the dead-end…so hold on, from both the ends…All the Best!


One thought on “Happy Friendship Day

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