Born To Be Free, Sensibly…


Every year we wish each other A Very Happy Independence Day…. with a hope to make India better, are we contributing our bit?????

Today, I would like to take up something different. I did mention before that I wish we could have a border-less world…where we all are a big country. I would like to continue on the same lines on a very controversial and yet sensitive topic. Yesterday a friend updated the following status on his FB account and I liked it, cos I believe it:

“Apna Independence Day celebrate karna hai karo. Padosi desh ki buraai kar ke kya prove kar liya?? They are also civilians suffering from a inept corrupt tyrannical government. They are men and women with families and children hoping to make a living, live life safely and securely and finding small joys in daily life. Why does one need to feel great only by making others feel small. Pathetic Fanaticism. Disgusted beyond limit”

[These quoted lines are specifically for those who are often found abusing other rival country. Independence Day is one occasion when everyone feel the high pressure of patriotism in blood and its often mistaken. People think that their hatred for rival country would prove their love for own.

No one stops you to celebrate the occasion of Independence Day of your country. What does one trying to prove by abusing the other?]

Once as a child I watched it on some show/serial/soap on TV – someone was asked to reduce the length of an already drew line, by not touching it. How can you do it?????? He/She just drew another line…lengthier than the previous one. Thus, making that line look shorter.

Since then, it has always been one of the principles I try to live by.

You should always make yourself rise so high in life that everything that doesn’t matter seems small

We and our neighbors have fought the same battle of freedom….together. Our history books would almost have the same content. Our ancestors were same. We both originated from the same land. In this era of hatred can’t we give peace a chance?????

People often say that its ‘cos of people with the above mentioned thinking terrorists in India are still safe and living life king-size in prison. I would here like to say that even with the above thinking, I believe that justice should be done and the culprit should be Hanged till death. It’s not about just one life or two…. it’s about countless people who died and who are still living with fear.

And at the same time, every citizen out there is NOT a terrorist…cos of few psycho minds we CANNOT refer any community as terrorists.

And, before pointing fingers at others we should first keep our hands clean. Are we clean as a Nation??? Ok, let’s just talk about an individual first…Are you clean as a citizen of India????  We all have faults…we still have… let’s first heal ourselves before we make our mission to abuse someone else.

You are free to Speak…BUT it’s a responsibility of each and everyone to THINK BEFORE SPEAKING !!!!!


6 thoughts on “Born To Be Free, Sensibly…

  1. 🙂

    So so so correct ! It has become so ridiculously common that one can prove one’s patriotism by abusing any and every other country, including the so called enemy countries. As if Indians haven’t committed a single act of crime in any other country. Then how would we feel if such a country would generalise all Indians and start calling us names.

    We are quick to judge and generalise. Instead of correcting our faults first, we love to point out faults in others. And by doing that consider ourselves better.

    So very well said that we should come clean ourselves first before pointing any fingers.

  2. Hi Garima! What does the Indian (excuse my ignorance, don’t even know what language that is) mean in the quote? I’m always baffled by you guys speaking multiple languages on Facebook and this seems like it’s important. Help me out! –Quinn

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