Smile…Your Everlasting Smile !!!


A Smile is a pleasant arc that usually forms itself on differently shaped faces after a delightful event. It is said to be a curve which sets everything straight. It’s also very famous to mislead people by smiling, making them think about things you are upto 😉 . We often like to see faces with such a view. A smile is a communicable ‘disease’ which cures most of the others. One automatically tends to smile after seeing a smiling face. In fact, I bet that even reading the word SMILE can make you smile. You don’t believe me??? Check those lips…I’m sure the corners are pointing upwards as you have been reading about Smile for quite a few seconds now 🙂

Smile is a cheapest way to increase your face value…why to go for face lifting and all then?? 😛 When you smile, you bless your body…a happy body responds to the energy in this world in very positive way. Hence, absorbing the positive elements quickly. One should try to spend atleast 5 minutes a day with oneself and just smile, even if it’s a forced one at the beginning after a while you won’t have to make efforts.

When you are happy you take better decisions. Better decisions result in better life. There is no specific rule to feel happy, different things work for different people. But one thing is for sure, you first have to take the decision of being happy in all the situations. When there is willingness, you would automatically find out ways to smile and eventually feel better in any situation. For the first few times you might have to instruct your mind to divert itself from thinking about a particular unpleasant situation…do it!!! Please make this a habit that it’s not just for a click, you should often be seen saying “Cheese” 😀 Attach a smile with any of the activity that you often do in a day. May be while thinking or cooking or may be while washing dishes …..this would just spice it up a lil bit and the same activity would have a different meaning. When you are happy…happy thoughts strike you, happy memories come back to multiply the smile. Listen to happy songs, read happy stuff…reading the word SMILE again n again would solve the purpose too (remember the above exercise??). 😛

Smile….not ‘cos its free of cost, but ‘cos its the second best thing you can do with your lips and you sure wanna make full use of it right???? 😉


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