Happy Teacher’s Day


Time is the best Teacher, it teaches you about life, about people, about living,… about surviving. To make this process easier Teachers in mortal form meet us at every stage of life…home, school, college, office, vacation etc. Every person in my life is my teacher.
If you seek to learn… everyone, everything around you teaches you something…
Happy Teacher’s Day !!!

We had different Teachers and they had different style of teaching, different ways of making students learn. For me the Best Teacher would be the one who is flexible enough to change his/her style as per the student. Students have different levels of learning and if Teacher think that a student should change their levels according to a Teacher’s Style then it’s wrong. Here, the emphasis is on the learning of a Student and providing them the atmosphere to learn, which is the core responsibility of a teacher.

Having ‘Faith’ or showing ‘Trust’ in a Student can work wonders. There might be mistakes but aren’t they a part of learning??? We shouldn’t be expecting a Mistake proof Student but to be someone who doesn’t repeat them is achievable.

Famous Music Director & Singer Shankar Mahadev updates the following as his FB status on Teacher’s Day:

“I was like his son and sounding-board. Once, he suddenly asked me to perform a very intricate Natya Geet on stage after the singer who was to do the song couldn’t be present. I had no time for rehearsals or preparation. But he said, `You can do it.` And I couldn’t let him down. I had trust in his faith in me.”

Trust & Faith are 2 important ingredients we sometimes miss out on….

May the Learning continue….


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