Hum Me Hai Hero…!!!


I am sure you all must have seen this advertisement 100s of time by now, where a Sardar ji is trying to climb up some stairs and then wait a bit to look at some school kids who pass by. Finally when he reaches the top he feels like a winner…a hero to have come so far. May be he forgot that the task was half done…he was supposed to climb down too, which is equally painful.

The reason I am recalling this one here is because I was feeling exactly like that a week back. On the way up to Vaishno Devi… for about first half an hour I was absolutely fit n’ fine and then started my struggle to catch up with everyone else in the group. But soon I made a deal to walk at my own pace. The only thing that was bothering me was the fact that we might exceed the expected time of our climb. It was pretty relaxing to see that everyone was so cooperative, that’s why I always say that inspite of the destination one thing that matter a lot is the company that you carry with yourself. A good company can make a bad place feel good. But this trip was altogether a different reason to feel good for me. Those who are regular to my blog would understand what I mean to say. Of all the things “Faith” was one thing which needed my special attention. Amongst all the regular visitors…new visitors, there was one who wanted to re-establish the Faith. It was tough, every step to cover those plenty of Kms…but with that one hand to hold, I was able to complete the most toughest phase of it. Though the hand kept changing as we were a group of 7, but now I truely believe that at some phases in your life you might just need a hand to hold to keep going. Not to pull you out of the trouble but just to make you feel secure that you can call for help in case you feel like drowning and this one feeling can make you walk miles. And this how I was able to complete the journey till bhawan…and then continue forward too.

We had to wait for more than 2 hours in the queue for our turn, by the time all of us were way too tired to keep standing in the row. Hence, we were taking turns to take a nap. Finally, the moment came to mark our presence in Bhawan. As someone rightly said, “you become blank when you stand there…in the bhawan”. That’s true…!!! You lose the track of all those things which you might have listed to ask for. In that very moment, when it seems like you are facing The One all you want to feel is the overwhelming feeling of being able to go through everything to be there, every pain suddenly seem worth it.

It was almost an impossible thought to continue for Bhairoan Baba, but then it was just…JUST 2kms away. I finally covered that too with the support. This time there wasn’t any hand to hold but there was someone to follow. This person would quickly climb up 15-20 steps on the stairs (yes, we mostly took the stairs …”to the Heavens’ Door”) and then wait for me to catch up. This brings me to another point to highlight about life. You might sometime feel that you are not getting the support and help that you need in life, just look around closely…sometimes you might not get the help the way you want, but that doesn’t mean there is no help at all. Something  or someone would always be there to help in their own way.

Journey back to Katra was not easy either. People say that ‘its just climbing down’ but then its difficult too. And for people with round figure like me….its suicidal !!!! Just think about what would have happened in case I had trembled down, I would have come down all the way rolling 😛

Next time I am sure these guys would drop the plan to ask us for such trips…lol.

We were not spared of adventure till the end. While I was planning to convince everyone to stay back that night in Katra as I was almost dead, rest of the group booked the cab already and I was given half an hour to pack the bags and board the cab. We left Katra about 2hrs before the scheduled train time, we kept into consideration the buffer time too. Soon, we reached to that only road which connects Katra to Jammu and surprisingly it was jammed cos of an accident. Thus, we missed out train and had to come back by a Volvo. During the journey of about 12 hours in Volvo, I must have stayed awake for about half an hour. I am sure everyone was tired but considering the extra weight that I carried, my condition was beyond comprehension.

And how can I end this post without mentioning all of you who supported me throughout the trip??

The NRI – He is the one who initiated the trip and had walked the journey bare foot without the signs of pain. Hats off to you!!!! You have been a great encouragement to everyone in the group. Our group leader, cashier, guide etc etc… 🙂

Dr. Sahab – Not actually a Doc but while kidding about a lot of things NRI mentioned you as a Doc and hence, this name. I personally thought that you are too serious to smile. Thank God we saw you laugh on this trip otherwise my doubt would have turned into a belief. Thanks for taking a lead, 85% of climbing down was possible only cos of you. And those 528 stairs we KILLINGGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!

Bengauli Babu – Finally you continued as per the plan and went ahead to Kashmir. As I said, I wonder how you managed that. There was a time on the trip when everyone thought you were lost…When you were the first one to get back to the hotel.

Ms. Part 2 – There were 2 girls with the same name and that’s why one became Part 2. I was asked why Part 2 and why not something like Junior, to which I answered Part 2s are in…like Dhoom 2, Murder 2, Kaun Banega Crorepati – Dwitiya…etc. Youngest of us all…Thank you for extending your helping hand 🙂

Ms. Photographer – Thank You for bringing our camera for me. It felt great to click some amateur pics…and to be clicked. We can say that it was truely and adventure trip for us, and adventure started much in advance. Thank you for making me walk those extra steps.

Last but not the least, my connection to this group…Meet me soon, I don’t want our next trip to be our next meeting 😛

And believe me, once you come back and crash into your bed after 32kms walk…you do feel like a HERO 😉


4 thoughts on “Hum Me Hai Hero…!!!

  1. 😀

    How can adventure be far behind when you are around ? 😛

    “Just think about what would have happened in case I had trembled down, I would have come down all the way rolling” – Well, in that case, there wouldn’t be any steps left. It would become a smooth road all the way. 😛 😀

    You should have posted some nice pictures here too. 🙂

    I hope your tiredness is now over. 🙂

    P.S. : You didn’t mention anything about the food on the trip… :-/

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