Seeking Truth…

325th post of my blog.

I have been thinking about it for quite some time…but was not able to get something special to write. Then I just thought of stop thinking and get going!!!! Initially I thought of writing about the topic I hate – Politics. Yeah right…that’s what it is. I have just completed my 7 years of working with the same organisation, can you think of any other better topic than politics???? 😉

It was dropped as I dint want my blog to feel dirty or guilty 😛

Topic then shifted to Friendship as one of the closest one was leaving the organisation….I still needed to figure out how this change of not being able to meet my friend anytime of the day in office would affect me …something else happened… Government declared that a person who spends Rs.32 in a day would not be considered below poverty line and someone earning Rs.4000 per month would be above poverty line…While I was feeling strong for this and almost decided to carry on with it another change happened…and this one needs to be a separate point all-together.

With this new determination of having Faith in God, I have started liking a religious serial named Dwarkadheesh. While watching it I suddenly realized that it’s been ages since I wished to visit Bangla Saheb while in conversation with one of my friends. I immediately called up a friend who was leaving the organisation the next day (frequent mention of attrition shouldn’t be the reason for you to think that I should have written about politics 😛 ). She was suppose to join the next job the very next day. I couldn’t find any better idea than this to say “good-bye and all the best” to her. Experience at Bangla Saheb was one of its kind, had a very memorable trip.

Then when I decided to dedicate my 325th post to this, I got an award here and thought of making my 325th post an award reception/acceptance post.

I always want these special numbers to be special posts for me, close to my heart.

Hence, something very apt came up today which I would be posting here..

I was thinking about truth…we all have that one truth hidden deep inside our hearts which we are afraid to share with others…and this one truth is a major contributor in “Who We Are…!!!”. Here is an attempt to describe that truth…

English Translation is given after every line.. 

हर किसी का एक सच होता है

(Everyone has a truth)

जिसको सोच के शायद कभी दिल रोता है

(Which when thought of, makes heart cry)

या फिर जिसकी उम्मीद में सपनो के बीज बोता है

(Or makes it sow the seeds of dreams in anticipation)

हर दिल में छुपा वो सच होता है

(That is the truth hidden in every heart)


कोई कभी किसी को मन ही मन प्यार करता है

(Someone sometimes secretly loves somebody)

तोह कभी किसी नजदीकी को खोने का डर होता है

(Or is afraid of losing the closest one)

या फिर कोई अनचाहे रिश्ते ढोता है

(Sometimes carries the burden of unwanted relationship)

हाँ सबके दिल में कोई एक ऐसा सच पलता है

 (Yes, every heart nourishes one such truth)


शायद ये कोई दुःख होता है

(May be it’s the sorrow)

या कोई कभी खुद को ही खोने का डर होता है

(Or the insecurity of losing self)

कभी एक सपना इस दिल के किसी कोने में सोता है

(Or a dream sleeping at one corner)

पर हर दिल में छुपा एक सच ज़रूर होता है

(But every heart certainly has a truth)


कोई छोटा होके भी बड़ी बातें समझता है

(Sometimes even a child can understand deep thoughts)

कोई बड़ा होके भी छोटा ही सोचता है

(Or sometimes even a mature person has such a small thinking)

कोई रोते हुए हँसता है

(Someone smiles while crying)

तो कोई हँसते हुए भी रोता है

(And someone cries while smiling)

कोई हार कर भी जीत जाता है

(Someone loses while winning)

और कोई जीत के भी सब हार जाता है

(Whereas someone wins while losing everything)

जब कभी कोई अपना गैर हो जाता है

(When someone close seems to be a stranger)

तब दिल में दबा हुआ ये सच याद आता है

(Then we recall this truth…buried deep in our hearts)



5 thoughts on “Seeking Truth…

  1. 🙂

    Burning the midnight (late-night/all-night) oil, gets great results ! 😀 Now you agree ?

    Congratulations on another landmark on your blog. 🙂 We were waiting for this one.

  2. Beautiful. Shukriya likhne ke liye and I hope that one day you will publish a book also. You have to because that is what I have asked you before leaving..right??? I hope you remember..

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