Did I Say “Nostalgia”???

Yes, I might not be vocal…but I did say “Nostalgia”. It has caught me up, really…it has. All sweet and sour memories of those 7 years of life are coming back and forth, memories which have made me what I am today. All those people whom I have met in these 7 years of my life, the list is lengthier than the list of those I have met in my life otherwise. All those friends I have made and yes you are right….list is again lengthier when compared to all other friends I have made otherwise. All those smiles and laughs which has enlightened my life like a candle in the dark, some tears too just like a pinch of salt in my fresh lime water. Just 5 more years and I would have felt like a ‘Fuchcha’ out of the school 😛 .

 All good things come to an end and we must let them go, to allow something better to take over. I am sure even a prisoner would start loving his cell, it’s my first organisation I am talking about…I have all the reasons to feel nostalgic…isn’t it???


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