Yet another gift of my first organisation – A Friend, whom I don’t have to confess much to convey what I feel. A kind of friend who is like a Solitaire, making your life twinkle even in the darkest nights. She thinks alot…and when I say alot, it means ALOT. Usually people have this complain with me, but she is the one who beats me to capture the Rank 1.


It’s been a long sail through the toughest of times. There have been times when suddenly while talking I would see some monsoons in your eyes and at that time I had tried my best to divert you from the topic. I hope the tough part is over and what lies ahead of you is a pleasant weather, good enough to take a walk on Marine Drive with Kid & Him.

There are many people who would miss you as you were such a lovely aura to be with…among many others, I for sure would miss you immensely. Difficult to comprehend how, when, where etc…but your absence in Delhi would definitely make a difference. But, there is someone else who needs your support during this hectic work life…He. Coming back home would have a new meaning for him now.

For Him – I know how you must be feeling right now. I would want Her to make you read this 🙂 . You sure have missed a part of Kid’s growing up years, he finally is there to get his Papa’s love and care with interest. Right time for kiddo to be with his dad and his best buddy.

I am just wondering about the mobile company….they are going to suffer the most 😛

I wish both of you a perfect start to a new life in a new city. There would be a lot of changes required from both of you to settle down in this new routine from the old one and I am sure it would not be difficult.

The Ship is finally going to meet the Anchor….

All The Best!!!


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