Happy Birthday Poozzie…!!!

It’s the second year in a row when Diwali has brought TV at home as gift from Bhai n Bhabhi…last year it was flat screen Samsung which looked like an LCD and I was just too happy watching my favourite shows on it….this year technology has improved, it’s time for an actual LCD and a Plasma!!! Hence, all 3 rooms would now have a Tee Wee …and I have 3 options to choose from. Right now it’s the Plasma, playing one of my favourite movies – Iqbal. A Source of encouragement amidst difficult times.

Another reason and the primary one to stay awake after my usual deadline to sleep is that I would like my readers to meet someone… A Friend, who’s celebrating her Birthday today and this is an effort to make her feel a lil more special amongst the plenty of efforts by people around her.

As I have always mentioned on my blog that till few years back duration of years you have known a person was the criteria for me to differentiate between “good friends” and “friends”. We always bind ourselves when it comes to being a friend or for making a friend…

It’s not even an year of knowing her…we met last year in November I guess. Our first conversation was on a conference chat. I knew her through another blogger….during our first conversation I could feel her chirpiness and jovial nature and I knew that this connection is going to stay, lil did I know that with every passing day it is going to get deeper and deeper…

I have had a great time with you Sweetheart…we have shared conversations where we couldn’t stop laughing…we started with a laugh we ended with the same…and there have been times where smile was all that we would try to find out in our conversations…

Now if I feel that friendship is just a connection of heart and nothing else, then it’s just cos I have felt that for you. I truly believe that something great is in store for you and I wish this year to be the one when life would reveal all that to you.

Thank You for your lovely email and for counting me in those special 12…I was waiting for The Right time to reply to your lovely mail and this is it!!!!

May you get all that you deserve and I know that you deserve The Best….Wish to see you around on all important events of life…be it Happy or not-so-Happy 🙂

Happy Birthday!!!


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