Here I Fall….Just Like A Shooting Star


Only to rise again…for a Brand New Start !!!

Monday is just a day away…

This time Monday Blues would have a new meaning. I would have some butterflies in stomach, while I would be joining a new office.

So far, it seemed like a break…but now Monday is just there.

And this time, there won’t be any coaches to crib about, no old faces, no discussions with friends about breakfast n lunch, no team, no manager…nothing!

Everything would be new and different.

Yes, I had my last day at Hewitt last Friday. Thus, a 7 year journey comes to a halt…only to resume from a different platform. A better one InshaAlah!

Back then in 2004 my decision to work was probably immature. Yes, I do believe that cos I could have done something better in terms of my education. But this feeling of being independent was something that I surrendered to. Apart from this, I just loved spending on my family and friends.

That’s how I continued with this decision. I was in a voice process where I was supposed to answer queries from different callers. It was the Honeymoon period of my career as I was just enjoying the newly introduced feeling of being independent. There were no worries about “What Next???”. I floated with the flow. Loved the bling, all stylish accent=speaking people around. Made many good associations here, many friends are still in my life as strongest ones.

In 2005, I registered myself in an online community where I used to share my poems. Hence, the seed of being a writer was incepted unknowingly. This was something which gave that sense of achievement to me, whenever my new poem was liked and appreciated by many.

Soon there was a need to change and I changed my work from a Customer Service Associate to a Content Editor/ Writer. By the time I shifted to this new job profile, my interest in terms of writing shifted to Blogs from writing Poems. Though Poetry is something that I still am connected to, but wo daur kuchh aur tha (that altogether was a different age). Thanks to a friend who pushed me towards creating a blog. And Thanks to my few initial readers who made me write new posts every now and then.

I was in this profile of supporting Customer Service Clients from Aug 2006 to Dec 2009. Met many good people, some are going to be with me for this journey of life. Some came and left, some were not allowed to enter the arena of my life at all. It always happens right??? No matter where ever you are, some people might be very close…some you would think are close but they would show their true colour with the time…and some simply are not worth sharing anything apart from work. Work…cos you have to…there is no option…but beyond work…yes, you definitely can make a choice. Cos of few very strong lifelong associations, I never thought of moving away from this Team…but then, they had some different plans for me.

I was told about this new Individual Contributor role in a huge and growing team. I couldn’t stop myself from trying and was soon at the other side of the river. This change happened in Jan 2010. When I was moved to a group of 150+ associates. Initially I kept busy cos of work flowing in my direction, but soon this stopped…may be cos the off-shore team was facing high percentage of lay-offs and thus they were not very willing to share their knowledge with us…fearing the loss of job. This fear, made me idle for some time. I was told to utilize this time and soon I found myself taking initiatives for a group of associates who were assigned this responsibility to introducing some team building fun activities among the associates who otherwise were busy with the daily processing. I was investing my time in bringing new things on the table, be it in terms of activities or sending mails regarding them. This team of 7-10 associates was a great source of encouragement to me. First set of people who appreciated the kind of change I brought in. I could feel that sense of belongingness to this team. We all worked every week, only to see smiling faces at the end of every activity. I tried to learn through each one of them and tried to share knowledge that I had. Together we brought into picture some highly successful activities. My contribution towards this highlighted me amongst 150 odd associates and gave me an identity of being ‘creative’. And yes, it’s only because of the support of each member of the team that this group became successful and hence, my contributions were noticed by fellow associates. I still remember the instance when I was talking to a friend in the washroom…the moment she took my name the girl standing next to me exclaimed, “You are Garima!!!! I always wondered who this girl is…who sends all these nice mail”. Boy….I was at cloud # 9. I couldn’t have got a better reward than this. There were folks in Chennai who would contact me to learn about how I add animations and backgrounds in the mail… I believe that I was one name which was easily approachable by all…and I liked it that way, I never wanted anyone to think twice before asking for help!

Later, I got the opportunity to handle the Leanovation Team, where the sole target of this team was to generate ideas. And what better way than creating the sense of competition. I did the same by rolling out the numbers of each team every day. As a result, my group had the maximum number of ideas amongst other groups in the same line of business. There was one more thing that I did being a part of Leanovation committee…I got the chance to create different award categories, making sure that we acknowledge maximum number of people in different categories. Though this plan never actually got the green signal, but this was something interesting.

As a writer, I got ample opportunities to experiment with my writing. I remember writing for different communications to be sent out to the whole organization mainly in India, one of my articles was included in HR Bulletin and recently the News Letter for my group in India…these are few of the many things I got an opportunity to write about. Though I know that my name hardly would have reflected against my piece of writing, but I was still satisfied with the fact that I was getting to ‘write’…something I love…and something for which I decided to take that move of movement. I Thank all those people who delegated their work of writing to me, may be cos them I have finally got the opportunity to atleast be able to give direction to my career.

A true example of “Blessing in disguise” for me 😀

Then came my very own SunCoach. A series of interactive sessions to improve the communication skills. The name SunCoach was based upon the Hindi word “Sankoch”…but was spelt differently to depict that “Sankoch can be eradicated to shine like a Sun through some Coaching”. I would like to appreciate all the support that I have got through the participants of SunCoach. You guys don’t know how each one of you encouraged me in life. I felt valued each time I interacted with you. I might have lacked certain things as an instructor of SunCoach, mainly cos of the experience…I’m sure next batches would have been terrific if they were allowed to happen. How can I forget mentioning all those people here who were keen to be a part of forthcoming batches? Every time I heard the queries about the next batch from all of you, I was overwhelmed. It was great to see you excited for SunCoach…mainly cos I considered it as an appreciation for SunCoach. Thank You!

Last but not the least, the last few months….I did get an opportunity to be a part of a Team….or you can say…a fraction of a bigger team that I have been talking about in this post. 150 associates were divided in 6-7 Teams and I later was aligned to one of them. The most highlighted one. With a lil bit of struggle, I enjoyed working with you as a Team. Along with my work as a Content Writer, my sole motive was to make sure that work is aligned to you without any wastage of time. There were some delays and I did seek that understanding from all of you, as everything was new to me. Though some could show that understanding, some still expected me to be perfect…well, I am…no doubts in that…but with what I was hired for. I think all other things just overshadowed the fact, that I was hired as a Content Writer who then was asked to help in other activities with minimum supervision and training. I managed pretty well I guess…and seriously, no one would be able to comprehend right away…maybe they just need to be at the other side of the shore to taste the salt. However, I just wish a smooth sailing for all of you in future. I sure would miss the dynamic atmosphere of this team, my name being called out from every direction for task alignment, many breakfasts and lunches on my desk…Thanks for sponsoring the Chai many a times 🙂 … Thank You for all the moments that I could capture…Thank You!

Every organization is made of People and it’s success mainly cos of the kind of people it has. Hence, when one leaves the organization…it’s the People who are missed the most.

There were few I could hardly interact to, but even then….when it was my last day in the office, I could feel the connection in their eyes. It was a day of interaction for me, less with words and more with feelings. I could feel the sadness of parting and the happiness for a new opportunity at the same time in many of you. Last day was so overwhelming that I would not disrespect those feelings by framing them into words…..all I would like to say is


And this genuine THANK YOU…goes ONLY to those who deserve it and those who do….know it !!!!

Thank You for making my Hewitt experience a lovely and memorable one….I do wish to keep in touch with you!!!



17 thoughts on “Here I Fall….Just Like A Shooting Star

  1. hi garima..i never knew that you write so well though i knew about your blogs.. but never took the time to read through.. i am looking forward for more blogs and wonderful articles… i am surely going to follow them from now on… 🙂 keep posting…

  2. Garry I started getting all these feelings much before you. I was still in the same organisation but at a different place altogether where everything was pretty new for me except the Organisation. Thanx for putting our feelings in words. Love U. And I am not going to miss anyone coz i truly believe in what Purba said “You never leave someone behind, you take a part of them with you and leave a part of yourself behind.”

  3. All the best for your new role garry….do wonders with your writing like you have just done in this blog….you have always been a special friend and will always be….One good thing i wanna tell you is that i m not sad that you left hewitt… i am so so so happy that you are were you meant to be 🙂
    I always wished for your happiness and smile coz that’s how you look bountiful…not with the frown you always had from past few months 🙂

    I really pray that from this monday onwards you only see and feel the happiness you deserve in every sphere of your life….you are missed immensly everyday….i do go and check my Sametime, you are still there…..your emails are still there with me…..I miss your presence 😦

    But koi na……apun ki dosti hewitt ki gulam nahn hai….its beyond that as welll and will always be….Love you always babes…muaahhh and all the very best to you 🙂

    • as you very well mentioned in the last line…some associations are not bound with boundaries…ours is such 🙂
      And if today I am moving ahead with positive thoughts it’s only cos of the encouragement I have recieved from all of you…otherwise you know how difficult it is for me not to find any familiar face around…but I do hope to become one Familiar Face in the new organisation with all these good wishes… 😀
      Thank You is such a small word to reciprocate for all those moments we shared…so the better word is…we would continue to “Rock On!!!” ❤

  4. Garry… finally i got to read this…. stupid illness delayed my response… but you know if all ready… you r as good as always… cheers !!!

  5. Awesome Garima. Hewitt also gave me very good and memorable experiences . And it is the best company , i worked with. You people told me that all the days are not same , if bad days are there then good days will also be there . ;-(. Thanks for everything

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