Everyone has a story which is unshared, untold, unexpressed to others. What we are majorly depends on this untouched part of us. No one can judge us on the basis of what they see. As judgment need the entire story to be known. Even a High Court Judge would not be able to give a correct judgment on the basis of half explored facts. In case it happens, it’s then when we say that the judgment is incorrect.

So why we agree to someone else’s verdict about us??? Why we let others to discourage us? That too on the basis of few factors which we wish to bring into light?

One of my dear friends aptly mentions it on her Facebook profile:“The reality of the other person is not in what he reveals to you, but in what he cannot reveal to you.Therefore, if you want to understand him…listen not to what he says but rather to what he does not say

 Hence, at any given situation..Comparing 2 people with each other is not just right. We can compare 2 students on the basis of their marks, but what made them get those marks is something that really can’t be measured. I would rather consider a student with minimum resources as a topper than the one who got everything served on a platter.

In a world where we, Human Beings; should be encouraging each other to win the battle of life…it’s disappointing to see few who play the role of Universal Critic. Make sure that this bug doesn’t affect you. Carry the baton of your aspirations high, keep following your dreams; keep taking a step forward one by one…As Nothing in this World has the right to stop the rays of The Shinning Sun. Moon might be able to block the view for few moments but even then the rays can’t be stopped…

 Wish You Become The Sun Of Your Sky Called Life….


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