A day which has made all of us cry….some tears were visible, some not. Some tore us apart, some united us…

Today, after 3 years; watching the same scenes on news channels brought the same feelings as they did in 2008. Rage, helplessness and pain that I can still relate to. There must hardly be anyone who wouldn’t have had a lump in their throat after watching the ‘struggle’ live on TV…or after reading the confessions of witnesses in newspaper. All those who lost their loved ones must be cursing God and those who were safe must have Thanked Him. But whatever the case was…there was one thing in common…Prayers! We all were praying…and we still do…to grant peace to the families of victims…and for Justice! And here the former depends on the latter…majorly.

3 years = 156 weeks = 1095 days = 26280 hours = 1576800 minutes = 94608000 seconds…. and with every moving hand of the clock…every Indian asks this question…WHY IS KASAB STILL ALIVE????????

Why are we buying any damn excuse for the 59 hour horror show that we have seen and felt??

In a way…I sometimes Thank God that he is not a big-shot terrorist…he is just another someone who was brain washed and used…cos if he had been a big name in the terrorist world, then we might have witnessed another Kandhar Hijack kind of an accident again.

Why we leave murderers alive in our country I really don’t understand….

Common man is being murdered everyday…be it by these outsiders or insiders and our govt. just love to feed them in high security jails.

I wish someday movie like The Wednesday plays live in real life too…

I For An Eye, prays for the well being of all those who lost their loved ones on 26/11/2008, though the pain must be the same I just wish they learn to deal with it…


I Wish for JUSTICE…Kasab to be HANGED TILL DEATH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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