Fairy Tales


We often wish for a life like Fairytales…when we wish for a better life.

Fairytales are always associated with those happy things, big castles…beautiful princesses and handsome princes…what we often forget are those witches and stepmoms and those evils. We believe that a life like fairytale would keep us happy. Have you ever heard of a Cinderella who always led a happy life?? All I want to convey is that even fairytales are not all happy-happy…even they have bad characters…evil souls. The only thing common in all these tales is the happy ending for the good and an end to the evil. We wish to have a fairytales kind of life but we fail to believe in the goodness of good. The path of being good might have obstacles but it does offer contentment at the end of the journey, while the road of being ‘clever’ do have short-cuts…which sometimes needs to step up on someone….but it doesn’t have an end. We should be greedy for our lives to be regret less, rather than being superior to someone else.

In today’s hyper-competitive world we often find ourselves competing with others. This makes us so blind that we forget to be observant of which way we are on.

Life is too short to steal someone else right for our own selfishness…. it might not even give you an opportunity to say sorry.

There is no point feeling guilty and exhibiting condolence on someone’s death if all you were involved in was back biting about that person. Don’t go too far on the road of evil that it’s difficult to comeback. Thinking about gain is not bad, but if it’s at somebody else’s loss through unfair means…then it is. And as I have said it earlier too, this universe is so dynamic… it follows the law of balance so carefully…what goes around comes around!!!!


4 thoughts on “Fairy Tales

  1. true to the core…wat goes around comes around…karma theory at its best,,,,,unfortunately even though ppl knw this is a fact they still like to believe that their actions are never unjustified….

    • I am happy to read your first comment on m y blog 😀
      I know that these views are usually kept aside as people think that they are good to look at but not something to follow…they don’t realise that there IS another P&L account being maintained just to check if they are in loss or profit once they play their role….but then it’s too late to regret…

  2. 🙂

    So very correct again. Dunno why people don’t realise that something will be coming around back at them. They just think they had their way and that’s the end of that.

    And so correct about the ‘goodness of the good’ thing. 🙂

    • you know how one goes blind when the vehicle coming from the front is at high beam…??? similarly, it’s the glitter of the dream to succeed “at any cost” that makes most of the population blind..

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