It’s Christmas Time Baybeh…!!!!


May be it was the Christmas affect that Mi was reading beyond the words and smiling at the conversation with eM. They were not new to each other but suddenly the conversation between them had taken a new turn. She never could imagine eM being one of those mushy-talkers, but suddenly his out-of-the-boundary kind of shots amidst the general discussions were making her think.


“It always happened in those Hollywood movies during Christmas”, she thought to herself. She was thinking about Love…this was one feeling common in most of the Hollywood romantic movies. “But this is life not a movie”, her sensible sense tried to bring her back to reality. She diverted her mind from those conversations which were making her feel like a teenager.


As Christmas was coming near… butterflies in her stomach were multiplying as she was finding it difficult to spend a day without listening to his voice. Usually she has always been the one directing the conversations but this time she was surprise to have encountered someone who was surprising her.


And when it was the Christmas eve, she decided to accept whatever she was feeling. Distance was playing the negative role in the play as eM was out of town for an office trip. She called him up, only to find his phone busy. She kept calling and messaging but there wasn’t any reply.


“Spending Christmas with movies was better than this” and she switched the TV on to watch 50 First Dates.


Miracle on Christmas????  


….happens only in Movies!!!!!


Merry Christmas guys….I wish that you be an exception to experience world’s best Miracles 🙂



5 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Time Baybeh…!!!!

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