An Email

Something strange happened today…I suddenly felt so damn lonely that I dint even realise when a tear rolled out of my eye. And then there was a queue…one waiting after another it seemed. And reason?????

Well nothing…absolutely nothing…!!!

While I was trying to comprehend the reason behind this untimely flood, I don’t know why … but I wanted to talk to you. Though I could see you online, I know that you would not revert back. Hence, I dropped the idea to ping you on chat. I see that busy status of yours which mainly is for people to keep away while you are busy playing games online. I don’t understand what’s the point of even logging in then.

Anyway, that’s not the reason I am writing this email to you…the reason is that I am surprised with the fact that I want to talk to YOU right now…out of all those people in my phone contact list…my FB friends list…it’s the thought of talking to YOU which came in my mind when I wanted to do something to ease my disturbed mind.

Not sure if I should be sending this email to you or not… I’m sure you would think that I have misplaced some nuts n bolts of my mind. That precisely is one reason why I always stop myself from reaching out to you. The image that you proudly portray of a mean selfish guy…is something that makes me stop to discuss anything apart from common friends. Though I know, behind that mean n selfish veil resides a sensitive person. BUT the catch is…he is sensitive ONLY to those whom he wants to be sensitive towards.

Ok now my mood is alright…and I’m sure you must be fed-up of reading by now.

Good night for now…will continue eating your head tomorrow 😛

Mi kept thinking for 2 minutes and then added eM’s email id to the recipient address…she now wondered what to keep the subject as…she was not able to think of anything appropriate to justify the content of the mail, so she kept it blank. “So what, there are emails without subject also”, she tried to relax herself further. Now everything was set, her feelings were just a click away…..she kept hovering the mouse on the send button. This time she could clearly hear the voice of her 2 minds…one kept asking her to click, other kept denying the same. She took a deep breath closed her eyes…..another tear dropped. Moved the cursor to discard and clicked yes. She switched off the PC instead of shutting it down with due respect and went on to sleep with high music bursting her ear drums.

Rest I guess was a ‘good’ night for her, cos when in winters our skin becomes dry her eyes were moist.


4 thoughts on “An Email

  1. Mi should kick eM out of her heart. If eM cannot make space for her in his life, then he doesn’t deserve that precious space in her heart.

    The story was short, but written well.

    Happy New Year to you!

    • Haapy Twenty Twelve to you too…

      Regarding the story, I think it’s too early in any relationship to decide…as in the story Mi has just realised this…I think she should give Love a chance to blossom…you never know! 😉

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