Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age..but being a gentleman is a matter of choice!!


She struggled to live right from the moment she was born. They were all men who were after her life. Even her mother could not say a word when she was taken away to either bury alive or burnt alive. A girl child has always been a burden in an under-developed society. There is no count of how many girl children are killed before and after their birth. Though female foeticide is illegal in India and so is killing female child, but can we vouch for the fact that this law is being followed religiously????

No…we can’t. There still are some illiterate, uncivilized, brutal people who think that a girl is a burden. Amongst many illiterate men, unfortunately there are some women too.

Thanks to our ancestors for such bad gender ratio in India.

We have 933 girls in India per 1000 boys.

We have cases where old parents are sent to old-age homes, but we still want a son. Every year we are creating new records of rape and molestation cases in every part of India. These are being executed by the male specie…yet boys are great!! I am not including cases of robbery, fraud, theft etc , though they are male dominant, however now female intervention is towards the higher side as compared to the previous few years.


It was a chilly day in December when a female dog gave birth to 6 puppies. They were cute. Soon small kids from each corner of the locality started gathering to play with them. Some would bring food to feed them.

There were people who tried their best not to let winters affect those tiny pups and they succeeded. They had left an old blanket for them, which was the shelter for the female dog and her puppies. People who resided in the locality would feed them with warm milk, bread or chapatti every day. But one day while these puppies were playing in the play ground adjacent to the bushes where they resided, few teens came at high speeds on their bikes; apparently exhibiting some stunts. In the race to come first and become popular they dint realise when their bikes minced 2 pups. Since this accident, the female dog frantically kept her remaining 4 away from everyone else, even those who fed them initially. Few people tried to give some food to the pups as they grew weaker, but ended up in a clinic after the dog’s bite. Gradually situation worsened and those 4 pups kept dying one by one, cos of hunger and extreme cold.


Be it the golden era or the millennium era, a man has been known for his Casanova instinct. Playing with hearts and breaking them was a common phenomenon. And now when women have decided to walk alongside them in every sphere, they have problems. I would call it nothing but male ego, which make one shut his eyes and mouth for what a man has done. He makes a mountain out of a molehill if a woman outshines him….especially when he has been the victim.

Ok now coming to the point… I have encountered so many immature men of lately that I thought of bringing together my scattered thoughts to one place.

Read this Facebook status few days back from one of the persons whom I considered mature than the existing lot of his age group.

“All girls are basically in competition with each other for a handful eligible boys or men. I must say they are in league with each other, a secret conspiracy of hearts & pheromones. They have 2 faces that decide their mind. Head – They go for money. Tail – They go for money. Haha :-). So, supply of good girls far exceeds that of the boys who deserves them. Indeed true. Believe me”


First of all… all fingers of our hands are not the same and neither are all individuals.

Why do people come up with a statement directed to the whole lot? I know these statements arise mainly because of heartbreaks. Either one liked someone and was not paid much attention to or was simply fooled/hurt. But is that a reason to accuse the whole segment? Just because you still haven’t developed the sense of recognising these bad people and then don’t know how to deal with them, you would go on making statements for the whole lot. If men are such losers then they better accept it and work upon it rather than accusing women for the same. Section 2 simply depicts that we can’t cut ourselves from a particular segment if one person out of the lot has done something wrong. Human beings have brains so that they can think and judge, otherwise there wouldn’t be any difference between us and that female dog.

Second… Girls don’t have to indulge into competition; there are enough boys they can choose from.

Thanks to all the men mentioned in Section 1.

Third …usage of the word “supply” makes one feel as if a pimp is talking…

I wonder if men with such a thought process would remain bachelors for the rest of their lives or would they continue to pass such comments once they are married.

Are all men Dogs????

Inspite of all the reasons to say Yes, I would still say No. Just because of bad men…A few good men should not be ignored.

Fourth …There is nothing wrong in making such statements, but one should not generalise it cos even you wouldn’t want to pay for someone else’s sins. And if you are not mature enough to choose the right words…STAY OUT OF IT !!!!!


7 thoughts on “Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age..but being a gentleman is a matter of choice!!

  1. 🙂

    The crux of the problem, as you mentioned here, is generalization. There are all sorts of specimen on both sides.

    But since this post is about males, men and gentlemen, I’ll put forth my points of view regarding the same.

    And I remind before-hand that the following is not a generalization but merely observations.

    I. ‘Thanks to our ancestors for such bad gender ratio in India.’.

    Yes, this gender ratio didn’t happen suddenly. It is the result of generations of mindsets which still continue. And a major, if not the sole reason for it is the big male ego. Even our religions have been formed on the lines of male dominance which continues to be a safe excuse for most males and even some females to refuse to accept girls being equal to, if not better than boys.

    II. I’m aghast with what happened with the puppies.

    Yes, an animal instinct is such that it wouldn’t usually risk repeating a mistake specially when it resulted in such a terrible loss. The dog felt it was a mistake to trust humans and hence refused to let the puppies be anywhere near a human. But that’s the difference between humans and animals. Humans have a logically reasoning brain (theoretically at least) to know whose fault was it actually and hence not to suspect everyone for ever. And you so rightly pointed this out as well. But girls and boys equally tend to forget this capability of reasoning after being hurt. If ever they are fooled/hurt once, they refuse to give themselves a second chance.

    III. ‘So, supply of good girls far exceeds that of the boys who deserves them.’

    You said there are 933 females per 1000 males as per the gender ratio. As per my observations in life, it is those 67 males who have nothing much to do in life but to play with and break hearts. And still, somehow, they are able to continue doing so with not one but many females. Thereby, further reducing the ratio so that even the ‘good’ 933 males are left to face the ‘generalization’ of being casanovas. And those who make such statements are surely from the group of those 67.

    But I believe in the following facts that :

    1. Girls have a stronger heart (a medically proven fact) while boys have a harder head.

    2. Anything more valuable is always scarce rather than in abundance. (so the gender ratio is justified)

    3. Men can’t be dogs. I’ve said this before, and I say it again. Dogs are much more loyal and trustworthy friends anyday. 🙂

    • Can’t agree more… I wish people could just think beyond these gender limitation and realize that we have sufferers at both the sides…

      and that dog instance is just a story to put a point across…
      and yes, we should not be comparing dogs with anyone….they are beyond comparisions.

      Thanks Shobhi! 🙂

  2. Section I: Female foeticide is not restricted to just the illiterate section of our society. Even well-educated people do it.

    Section II: That female dog suffered more personal loss due to her inability to trust. Same thing happens with people who lose their faith.

    Section III: Human minds work in a strange way. If one person hurts us, we expect that others will also hurt us. And since we attract whatever we think about and expect, we get more hurt thrown our way. We keep on meeting people who reiterate our beliefs, making them stronger and stronger, until we accept those beliefs as facts.

    • you point out apt things in all the stories…and I reality liked what you mentioned in 3rd point. we unknowingly attract all te hatred and negativity by being like that…if we think about rejection we get rejection…

  3. i read and thought and thought some more… i found this post a wee bit unsettling because it forced me to think (and question) some of my notions and i found no (easy) answers to them… while it is easy to get carried away with the zeal and emotions and facts and reasoning ‘prima facie’ that you have poured here, i am trying to put my thoughts (response?) in my words… post by post… and i must confess i am finding it very very difficult to articulate the way i want my thoughts to be, especially when presented in front of others… so wish me luck and keep posting, keep pushing, keep inspiring…

    • I am glad to know that it forced you to think…that’s the primary reason of ‘writing’…so I am happy to have achieved that purpose atleast. You have been a regular reader here and and thus, u(must) …I usually dont write such stuff…its very rare. But of lately I have met many people who love generalising statements…why should someone bear the burnt of someone elses actions…??? If people have guts, they should say all those words on the faces of those who did something wrong to them…rather than ‘singing’ it to the whole world. whatever I have mentioned here is something that you can realize with bare eyes…a microscopic vision might turn out to be very ugly.
      Should I look forward to your response post by post then??? It shouldn’t be difficult for you…after all all 😉
      All the best!

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