Stay Happy or Stay Hungry???

“You should not be happy…you should be hungry”

This is what I heard when I was enjoying the moment of contentment for a moment after doing something better than what I did before…but that of course was not upto the mark as per the experts. And this statement triggered the churning machine fixed in mind.

People often draft a characteristic of someone else based on their observations and then they go to any extent to prove that they are right. The same thing happened to me when I was silently praising myself for doing a fairly good job of making a round shape chapatti than crafting yet another map of an unknown location.

I have always been a competitor…but only with myself! Competing with someone else makes me feel inferior. Every individual is different, they have their own limitations, their own will power and determination… and all this doesn’t belong to just one parameter there are numerous things involved in making one what they are. If I compare myself with someone else, I disrespect my individuality and restrict my horizons as per that other ‘ideal’ person. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari said that greatness lies in excelling yourself, what you were a minute ago…there is no superiority in competing with someone else (in my own words). Its horses which run in the race and compete.

 It’s a competitive world and there are others who compete. I would let them compete…and if ever I get to realise that there is someone competing with me, I feel elated with the fact that they consider me superior to themselves. I am indifferent to the result of their competition as I am always involved in being superior of myself every other minute.

I would rather enjoy the moment of accomplishment before proceeding to exceed the same rather than worrying about something that I am yet to achieve. Hunger is rather a negative word, which makes the feel-good feeling vanish. Achieving the desired result is recommendable, it becomes the success when you enjoy the procedure of achieving the result…otherwise there won’t be any difference between humans and machinery…isn’t it?



2 thoughts on “Stay Happy or Stay Hungry???

  1. 🙂

    “Achieving the desired result is recommendable, it becomes the success when you enjoy the procedure of achieving the result…”

    Nice ! Nice ! In today’s times people just want to compete. They don’t wait to enjoy the result. And competing with one’s own self is the best way to achieve perfection.

    And ‘map of an unknown location’… Hehehe. 😀

    P.S. : But who said hunger is a negative word ? 😛 😀

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