I Quote


4 thoughts on “I Quote

    • First of all…Thank You so much for your regular reads here…it’s always nice to see new readers 🙂
      Now about the comment…I feel that this whole circle of life is so dynamic that it won’t let me lose at the end of it…it’s upto me to have faith in it…and to always keep trying to make life better…we often get into something which is not meant for us…for example, profession, business, study courses, deals and investments and of course…relationships…but its upto us to realise and move on to find the best suited for us…till the time we keep on trying we are not minced, it’s when we lose hope and let the black hole take over all our dreams and aspirantions…
      I hope I made sense 🙂

      • Hi Garima
        Am not a reader or a writer. Have never read or followed blogs. Just chanced upon a link to your blog. And really enjoyed reading your posts…new and old..liked the one’s that touched me and commented whatever just came to my mind. I don’t know the ‘blogging rules’, but really appreciate that you replied to my comment.

        No offence, but I wouldn’t comment on your reply to my comment.

        Keep sharing. I’d love reading. 🙂

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