So, it was Friday…and this itself was a reason good enough to feel happy about.

I decided to add songs to Ipod without looking at them, so when I hear them on shuffle every song is a surprise to me.

Here is the list of few lucky ones which were played in full with my fav lines from each one of them. Let see if anyone can guess the actual song for these lines

“Yahi ishq di marzi hai…yahi Rabb di marzi hai,

Tere bin jeena kaisa…kya khudgarzi hai”

“Tumhe koi aur dekhe, toh jalta hai dil

Badi mushkilo se phir sambhalta hai dil

Kya kya jatan krte hain tumhe kya pata”

“Bajai pyar ki shabnam mere gulistaan me

Baraste rehte hain harsind maut k saye

Syahiyon se ulajh padti hain meri aankhein

Koi nahi…koi bhi nahi jo batlaye mai kitni der ujalo ki raah dekhu”

“I may not always know whats right, but I know I want to hear tonight

Gonna make this moment last for all your life

This is love and it really mean so much…I can tell from every touch

No no no…cant get enough…”

“Ujde se lamho ko aas teri, zakhmi dilo ko hai pyaas teri

Har dhadkan ko talaash teri…tera milta nahi hai pata”

‎”Tu aa gya yun nazar me, jaise subah dopahar me

Madhoshi yun hi nahi dil pe chhaayi, niyat ne li angdayi”

‎”when everything feels like the movies…yeah you bleed just to know your alive”



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