It’s My Turn to say… “30 to 30” !!!!

I am….

A daughter
A sister
A friend
An employee
A colleague
A student
An enthusiast
A pessimist
An introvert
An extrovert
A believer
A blogger
A writer
A lost poetess
A painter
A cook
A kid
A dreamer
…. A GIRL !!!

That’s what I had written on my FB profile way back when I created the account. Yeah, I am a Girl…and have imbibed the others characters and characteristics at some point or the other in my life. And, would continue to do so…the only difference is that I would keep on adding new ones in the list…

You must be wondering how come suddenly I am talking about a list….but let me tell you that it’s not sudden. I thought of it since I read the post by one of my dear friends…it was “30 to 30”. It’s time for me to declare the same. Hardly a month to go and I would be celebrating my hat trick of 3 decades here. Time must really have wings…it’s overwhelming to think about the fact that it’s more than a decade of being out of school and would be exactly a decade next year for college. Till last year I was feeling panicky thinking about the fact that I would be 30 in a year…and see as I said that time flies…it flew and now it’s just a month. 4 weekends to be precise…and I would want to live each year of my life in each day…

Those who know me and have asked me for my birthday the second time would know how excited I must be that I am announcing the same now…that too a month in advance.

A lot of things I have planned to begin in this very month…to be all set for an inning of another 10. There is again a list I have ….a kind of wish-list for my 30th one. And yes, following the trend that my sweetheart friend started with 14 would be mine in the list and the 15th one I’ll choose from the suggestions made by you. 🙂

1)     Going back to the Buddhism practice…which would happen from this Sunday onwards. This will add ‘Buddhist’ in the list…

2)     Add another one ‘driver’ in the list, though I am afraid of driving but now I think I have too. That’s the drawback of working quite far from home…where all you have to do is rely on auto-wallas and their Nakhre…

3)     Recall the cook in me and make something nice to accumulate some complements, it’s been a while since I have cooked something different…

4)     Watch 3 movies back to back in a day 😀

5)     Hoping to get a tattoo too…be ready for the pain with a nice tattoo design…some ideas??

6)     A trip overseas…but need a passport before that 😛 …so get a passport made is the primary agenda and then an overseas trip. I need to go to Mumbai and Bangalore too…hoping for atleast one trip in 40 days 😀

7)     Have candle light dinner with someone…any volunteers?? 😉

8)     Would create a painting in these 30 days and would post the pic on FB (ONLY IF it turns out to be ok) 😛

9)     I would want to meet all those with whom I feel blessed 🙂

10)  Joined Shiamak for a while not I would change the direction to some instruments,

11)  Make one wrong right…start the much delayed weight loss process…and be strict with the same

12)  Change the direction of ‘how I think’ for my sake and yeah, I need to learn to answer back too

13)  Hopefully now with age I would get some freedom too 😛

14)  And as we save the best for the last ;)… I would want the character of a ‘Lover’ to be added in the list too…would start helping parents now in their search of a perfect son-in-law for an imperfect daughter…

15)  _______________________________________________ (will be added as per the suggestions)

Apart from these there are general duties which I keep on doing…like those conversations with some of you where I have confessed what you guys mean to me…

Though it’s often said that plans would always be plans…but I am excited to execute all of them mentioned above.

I would continue to talk…if you think that there might be some respite there than sorry… 😛

I know when I talk rubbish and when I make sense…I do read eyes and faces sometimes 😉

I would continue to pamper the kid in me…would keep it alive.

Would hug atleast one person each day…I used to feel the warmth way back in initial years of corporate world

Almost 50% through with life….but then if I look at my palm for life line it seems that I would live forever…May I continue to…… unlike many others I know, I don’t aspire to be anything else but a person who was able to bring change in few lives…everything else that I do would be parallel to this…


6 thoughts on “It’s My Turn to say… “30 to 30” !!!!

  1. I like your talk about your ‘talk’…lol and points – 2,5,6,11,12 and 13. Although 13 is not something u r doing 😛 jus hoping 🙂
    All are great sweetie…make sure u do DO them 🙂 All my support! always !
    And 15th could be – start writing ur book 🙂
    Happy Happy Happy BIRTHDAY in advance !!!
    Lots of love hugs and best wishes, SImran

  2. As always I am in for everything you have written,,,ready to taste the dish u’ll be cooking…ready to be a part of any plans you make and yes eager to attend ur wedding swtheart…may you be blessed with all the good things and happiness this birthday….and Yes as simran said start writing….ur book 🙂
    or may be Learing Guitar 🙂
    Haaappy wala birthday in advance…….and try to celebrate ur special day in style ek dum rapchik bole toh god bless you Buddy….Love Shivani

    • Dish k liye toh you guys have to keep a track of what’s cooking 😉 ….learning guitar is something that I am thinking about …lets see…and I intentionaly dint mention writing a book here…cos I intend to start it parallely to all of these 🙂

      Thank you to both of you ! 🙂

  3. Hey Garry Awesome write up
    I m 2 planning to make a wish list 🙂
    But somewhere feel that would i b able 2 make all dat true one day 🙂
    But after reading dis i m sure gonna start workin on it very soon 🙂
    And ur age cannot deter me 4m loving U 😉
    Love U 🙂

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