It’s Dino’s Birthday !!!!! :)

“If there were 10 other German shepherds, would you still recognise Dino??” asked one of my friends many years back when we were taking a stroll next to my home while brother had taken Dino along for an evening walk. “Of course, his eyes talk to me”, I answered.

06-Jun-2003, he opened his eyes to dwell on this earth for about half a decade. His sole purpose of life was to fill our hearts with Love. There were days, when I had come back home only to see him waiting for me anxiously. There were days when he was my lamp in the darkest night; he used to make me feel alive with all the tantrums I was made to tolerate.

A pet’s love is the purest form of love; lucky are those who get to feel it…live it. They make you human, they make you humble, and they make you sensible and sensitive.

Happy Birthday Dino…!!!

May you continue to spread Love and Laughter wherever you’re dwelling now. We shall continue to celebrate the day you emerged on this planet to fill our souls with unconditional love, as wishes travel through time and lifetime….they definitely will reach you.

Love you….today and forever!!!!!!


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