The Mid-night Shower

…is always recommended when you have it all messed in the head that it’s about to fume.

I loved the timing of the rains today. I was in conversation with The One up there while taking a stroll on the terrace and when He was short of answers He sent the rains. Nevertheless, He must not have expected that I would love even that. Anyways, that’s between me and Him; I would not bore you with this in this once in a blue moon post.

I watched Barfi today. Loved it to the core…..Every bit of it. From the plot to the music to the locations to the simplicity of the movie to Priyanka Chopra to Ranbir Kapoor AND to the message it wanted to give. We often calculate too much in the matter of heart. One can fall in love for the second time but the one who truly love you would not walk into your life again…even they have this second chance probability.

Movie is about Murphy and how he becomes Burfi. How he falls in Love-at-first-sight and how he walks out of her life to meet his Jhilmil life partner. How she stuck to her kidnapper. And how they realized their love for each other. A sea-deep emotion and yet doesn’t lose its charm when shared in slightest of gestures. How he lost her and how he found her. AND how they lived happily ever after.

A very charming movie with excellent star-cast, heartfelt performances, an accurate mix of humour and emotions, and a very high feel good factor once who come out of the theatre after watching the movie.



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