Are rules meant to be broken?

He opened his eyes and found himself at a new place; it wasn’t his bedroom he woke up to. He felt sick with the smell of medicines, tonics and phenyl in the hospital. He was going back to sleep. His head was spinning, just like an old beige fan at the ceiling. “It must have been white at some point”, he thought to himself. Trying to divert the mind, he looked around. It was just like those hospital rooms they show in movies. Dim light adorn the room which had light yellow paint, worn out from some corners of the wall. His was the only bed in the room, white colored iron bed with white bed cover. A table next to him had a glass n jug of water along with some papers. Curious to find out how he managed to come to this place he extended to pick them up. Suddenly wind blew the dirty gray curtains of the large window in the room. All the papers went into different directions in the room. He immediately tried to get up. As soon as he stood on his feet he fell down. He was weak.

His bruises hurt. There was some injury at head which was bandaged. His back was hurting too, there were some open wounds on legs and hands which were clearly visible on his fair skin. He tried hard to recall what had happened with him but could not. The 5’8″ well built figure climbed back on the bed and settled there. After taking a few deep breathes full of hospital fragrance, he fell asleep.

It was 15th February; cupid with his bow and arrow was still out for his hunt. Kabir had a reason to celebrate with his friends. Riah, who he was pursuing since 10th standard, had finally said “Yes” in 12th. Kabir Singhal, was the only son of a leading businessman Ajay Singhal; who is said to get the ticket to parliament soon. Kabir was a copy of his father, but had some traits of his mother too whom he had met only in pictures. She passed away when he was a year old. Kabir was now 16. Thanks to his routine of participating in almost every sport, he has got an athletes’’ body. Slightly long black curly hair which can be tied up. Fair skin was possessed through his mother. Coal black eyes and thick eyebrows, which when raised created 3 lines on the forehead. Lean nose, his family trademark resting upon the most kissable lips in school. His moustache had begun to show up. There was a change in voice too. Kabir was well known for his witty responses which often left girls speechless. Every girl had a crush on him, but he was made for Riah. This day was special, so the celebration needed to be special too. Kabir asked the driver to get a bottle of alcohol for him and his friends. He tried a sip or two with dad, but now at the verge of being in a relationship he felt grown up. They drank through the evening. None of them had hard drinks in the absence of parents before. They dint realize when it was more than enough for them. It was 9 in the night when kabir asked the driver for the car keys. He handed over a couple of hundreds to him asking him not to inform his dad. Kabir did this quite often, but this time it was special. He was drunk. And probably high on power too. There were 5 kids in the car, one was driving.

70kms on Delhi roads was not a desirable speed by a drunken teen ager. It proved lethal as the car got out of control while on a flyover and broke the railing to crash down on the pavement.

As the car hit the ground, Kabir woke up from his sleep in the hospital room. Sweat was all over his face and he was frightened. He looked at the calendar on the front wall. It was showing July as the current month. “July?? How can this be possible?”, he questioned himself. “I had my board exams in March, what happened to them?”. Unable to find the answers, kabir screamed calling out for his dad. A nurse entered the room and ran back to call the doctor. A doctor with few attendants came running. Kabir enquired about his father. “We have informed him, he would be here in a while”, said the doctor. He examined kabir and asked him to calm down. Of course he dint. Kabir’s father came in sight in about 15min. His eyes were filled with tears when he heard “dad” from Kabir’s mouth. He hugged him and kissed his forehead. So overwhelmed to see him talking that he couldn’t pay attention to Kabir’s questions. And when he did, a sudden sadness gripped him. Kabir sensed it and insisted him to share what happened. “Why do kids question parents intentions? All we want is our child’s safety” and father broke into tears again. Kabir sat on the bed numb after hearing the incident. The car landed on a beggar sleeping on the pavement, killing him on the spot. There were 5 kids in the car. The one at the front seat was declared brought dead along with the one sitting behind at the back seat. The one who was sitting in the middle got saved with few fractures. And the 5 kid who was sitting behind the driver seat was still unconscious. Kabir himself was in coma since February. At that very moment Kabir wished that he would have died too in the accident. This guilt was unbearable. He was responsible for taking 3 lives. 2 of his best friends and an unknown beggar. And one friend was movement-less too. Tears refused to stop as Kabir recalled his last day with friends. No matter whatever he would do for the redemption of this guilt it would never go. Kabir howled to make his God listen to his pain and lessen it. But this pain was asked to be gifted.

Is asking someone not to drive when he/she is under the influence of alcohol too much to ask for?

There is a reason behind every rule, we often don’t think about the consequences before breaking them.


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