It’s like a dream come true!

An experience worth sharing. Though it would fail the purpose of being anonymous but this is something that I would definitely want my readers to know. We should keep making efforts to keep our lives interesting. The post was written on Friday, 23rd Nov early hours.

I always found the job of a Radio Jockey pretty exciting. I wished to be one considering my love to be in conversation always. New people new experiences and all you need to do is – Talk!

I remember going for a walk-in audition in 2005 for Radio Mirchi. I wasn’t too impressive, but my friend who accompanied me did try to boost my morale. “You at least were better than me”, just like Farhan and Raju encouraged each other in 3-idiots. My second stint with being an RJ was lil dramatic. A friend of mine found an apple for his eyes on Orkut. Some girl he had added and was chatting with. He wanted to be the first one to wish her on her birthday and there was no contact number. She teased him by saying, “let’s see if you are smart enough to find this yourself”. The only clue was her online Orkut boyfriend. Luckily he had made his number public. Bad for him though, poor guy didn’t know what was coming up. I played a Radio Jockey, telling him that he was the lucky one whose number was selected. He was made to believe that he just got an opportunity to send across a message to anyone in India. As expected, he shared the number of that girl with a birthday message and a song dedication too. Wishes were delivered well in time; it was just the delivery boy which changed. I hoped that my friend was considerate enough to play the dedicated song at the background while they were talking. They talked through the night, God know about what! While the online boyfriend must have cursed me, the friend of mine must have showered a lot of blessings. He sure did.

A few years back, I heard Anil Srivatsa on a new radio station for the first time. He hosted a show – Between The Sheets, he still does; not on a station anymore but at While every girl complemented him for his voice, I found his wit more appealing. The guy possesses this natural ability to leave you without words, sometimes in embarrassment. While you would love the smile he leaves on your face, at the same time you would not want him to stop talking to you. Unfortunately, the guy is taken already. And is very much a one woman man, but as every man does; even he won’t mind getting dirty on air with you. Married men, unfortunately; are out of my ‘desired-list’ of men. I have been a regular caller on his show since those radio station days. A friend told me about and I was listening to him after ages today.

As the name suggests, Between The Sheets is aimed at sharing your feelings on different topics related to relationships and sex. We as a society are still opening up towards the discussion about Sex. Hence, being a talk show we can make use of it as much as we can. It provides a platform to share opinions, seek advices and learn about the opposite sex to make your relationship better.

I was tuned in today and was disappointed to see that Mr. Host was struggling with a specific caller who was calling in again and again. This girl was not ready to be audible was continuously whispering. It was irritating for the listeners. Being one of the irritated lot, I decided to be the next caller giving Anil a break from that Whispering Aunty. I intended the show to proceed with the discussions, like all other listeners. Unlike earlier times, my call was connected in one go. I could feel a sense of relaxation in the voice at the other end after realizing that it’s an actual caller. Like all other times, I preferred to be anonymous. But it’s easy to relate to a name so we (me and Anil) finalized on one name – Tina. It’s always fun to be on-air. While I shared my views on today’s topic – what is the most fascinating thing about sex and what puts you off; I was asked to co-host the show. I managed to hide my scream when I accepted the offer. “Memorable experiences are not planned”, proved again. With a lil apprehension and tension of “How am I sounding? I hope I am not sounding like a fool” to “Should I talk now or wait for him to start?” to “Whom should I message to listen to me right now?”…and the list was endless, I somehow managed to steal some moments. So, you know all that was going at the back of my mind while I struggled to share the on-air space with Anil. Of course I could not match his charisma. Nevertheless, knowing that there were quite a lot of people who wished to be me at that very moment was exhilarating.

I co-hosted Between The Sheets as Tina for over 45minutes today!!! 3 AM it is and I am still sleepless, one can understand my excitement today. I wanted to capture the feeling by documenting it before I go to sleep. I prayed for the show to not get over ever, but it had too.

Just another day ends, registering itself in the memory lane. It has been a Happy Thanksgiving for me indeed! 🙂


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