Anniversary of the saddest day of my life!



Days spent with him were not all happy but still he made them best for me. He did whatever he could to cheer up. He did his best to seek attention. And he succeeded in everything he did. The smile his memories bring on the faces of those he lived with proves his success. And the tears prove that he changed all of us, made us more human. He had 4 members parenting him, caring for him ensuring he gets the best of everything. 4 years and the void that he left is simply incurable.

01-Dec-2008 was an unfortunate day which took Dino away from us. Dino was the fiercest German Shepherd anyone can come across and the most adorable naughty kid any family could get. Being a born Gemini he managed both the personalities pretty well.

One of the things that I am determined to do before I die is to get Dino back in my life. He has given so much of love to my family that we never imagined, there are things that can’t be explained but we still feel. The only thing we could do is to remember him in whatever we do…and that’s what we do.

Love you Dino…where ever you are stay blessed. All we can do is pray for you, for your health and happiness.


4 thoughts on “Anniversary of the saddest day of my life!

  1. Hey Garry i have never seen Dino but i can still feel the hollowness that u have been feeling 4m d last 4 yrs. Love Dino 🙂

  2. Dino sure is a handsome guy with a beautiful loving expression. Me and my family too are GSD lovers – we had Leo for 13 wonderful years and he remains unforgettable. So I can well imagine your feelings.

    Best wishes and cheers 🙂

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