Doomsday – It’s not when body perishes, it’s when the soul dies!

A Rape is much more than what we think it is.

A Rape is much more than what we think it is.

A much awaited day by all!

Some are waiting to see if whatever was predicted would happen or not and others are waiting for the day to pass by normally so that they can laugh at others. Whatever the reason is, ‘the wait’ is common.

As the day came closer the nation witnessed the end of Humanity and Morality.

A girl being raped by 6 men in a moving bus!

A girl with a male friend goes for a movie; they wait for a bus at a very busy bus station, boards a wrong bus. That’s the only fault they make. Within 10 minutes 6 men on board start molesting her, when her male friend objects to this he is beaten up badly. The girl then is raped one by one by these men as the bus navigates though the busiest lanes of India’s Capital city Delhi. The bus cruises through check posts and barricades, stops at red signals too; but her screams suppress in the noise of Delhi traffic. Once they are done with their barbaric act they do something which would freeze every soul on earth. They insert an iron rod inside her most delicate part and throw her on the road along with her friend without any piece of clothing.

Wounded, shocked and shattered with what happened to them they kept waiting for help. Many turned away not sure what to do, few however came forward to help by covering them with their clothes and informing the police.

The girl is still in the hospital, have undergone many surgeries. As per doctors, she can never lead a normal life. I hope this is not another Aruna Shanbaug case that we have witnessed.

We have seen protests in every form at every place in support of the rape victim. Across nation, through media, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Internet.  We often considered ourselves safe in the company of our father, brother or any male friend. But now it’s all the more fearful as they might also be victims if they accompany us.

I pity to be a part of such a society where we have to protest to get the justice for any crime against humanity. Seven years of imprisonment for rape, is that what we call justice? If yes, I would like you to introduce yourself with Aruna Shanbaug again!!!

A lot of people support castration of such creatures. Do they guarantee that people with such sick mentality would not indulge in any kind of crime again?

We all know the trauma that a rape victim goes through, mentally and physically. And it’s exactly thousand times of what we think we know. If killing someone calls for Capital Punishment then it should be implemented for Rapists too. As when you kill someone you kill him/her/it once, but when a woman goes through the experience of rape; she is killed every minute with the haunted memories.

Every girl/women goes though eve-teasing, there always is at least one experience of feeling an external touch on the body with her will. We know how we hate it, even if it’s a few second long touch of someone on our body without our consent.

Capital punishment is too less for these people with sick mentality. Calling them animals would be insult to animals. I wish to chop off the hands and legs of rapist and leave them ‘alive’ in a desert. I know this is not possible, hence Capital punishment is the maximum and strictest that can be done. It would still instil some fear in these barbaric minds. Considering the fact that within few days of this barbaric act, there are numerous other cases that are coming into light; we need to have strict laws to have some control on these minds.

It should not be a “prove them guilty” scenario for the victim, rather should be “prove yourself innocent” for the accused. I wonder if amending the law is that difficult a task when the whole nation calls for it. Or is it true that rape is still not considered as serious a crime as corruption, scams or murder.

Someone asked me, why rape is not considered a serious crime. I said, may be because no mother or sister of any politician or policemen happen to go through the torture!

I would not want to bring politics into this, hence moving on with my point of view; I believe that we should raise our voices though whichever way we can. A lot of people consider Facebook activities as a waste, they do boast about their insensitive attitude by mocking at all those putting their views up. I however believe that every bit counts. I would continue to write and share what is there in my mind, it might affect someone else’s thought process. A huge population is feeling helpless and there is no harm in letting it out in whichever way you can. I pity those who are sitting on their computers and mocking others instead of extending their support. It is not just the police and politicians, it’s we society as a whole which need to work consistently towards bring our male child in such a way that they respect women than treating them as a commodity.

Today, I truly wish for this world to come to an end because the humanity and morality has lost its meaning. We have seen the Doomsday!

I demand NO MERCY for the rapists!

Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age…but being a gentleman is a matter of choice. I hope parents now focus on bringing up good human beings than just bring up boys and girls.

PS. To all those who can think that they can lighten the atmosphere with their wit and jokes right now, please back off!!!


6 thoughts on “Doomsday – It’s not when body perishes, it’s when the soul dies!

  1. The last paragraph of your post hits hard at the real issue. No amount of policing, laws, judgments or punishments can prevent crimes against women. As long as males continue to develop with the psyche which considers females as second grade this menace cannot be eradicated. Harsh punishment can be an effective immediate solution (like a symptomatic treatment), but till the root of the disease is not eliminated, recurrences are bound to occur. What is needed is the elimination of discrimination between girls and boys at every level right from the time of birth.

    I don’t know if you read my post on this issue.

    Secondly, we must stop saying that the life of the girl (or any other victim of sexual violence) is finished. Just because some evil creatures managed to force themselves on her doesn’t mean she has no right to live anymore.

    While being taken into the operation theater, the girl said to her brother – “I want to live !” There can be no greater proof to the fact that her soul is not dead. She is very much alive and fighting.

    And I’m absolutely sure that none of her assailants would have been able to bear even half the trauma she has and is going through.

    On behalf of the people of my profession, I can assure you that everything possible in the medical world would be done to ensure the best of her health. But in addition, everyone of us must make sure not to assume and/or accept that her life is finished.

    Of course it is impossible for her to forget the physical, mental and emotional trauma for her entire life. But she must be given so much love, support and respect by everyone that she never gets the time to remember the trauma.

    The girl has a right to live a normal life and she deserves it more so with full respect because of her character of not giving up and wanting to live.

    And we should stop saying that the girl ‘lost her honor’ or the assailants ‘violated her honor’. It is actually the perpetrators who lost honor, assuming they had a bit of honor in the first place.

    • Shobh…I must say, you have covered most of the things I wanted to say in my next post. And as you said in your post, men must have realized in initial years that women were the stronger sex and since then they deliberately made efforts so that female population never realize about these special powers.
      And I think the title of the post was interpreted differently by you. the title is mainly for the society as a whole, which has been mocking about the failed predictions of NASA than wondering about the fact that with this barbaric case we are not even ‘living’. This has already made something die within us.
      I have been following the news almost every hour and I must say that this girl actually has a strong will power…very strong. I wish she recovers very soon.

      • No. I didn’t misinterpret the title of the post. Through my comment, I just wanted to add to your post how many female politicians and media channels are trying to portray that the life of that girl is finished; that she is as good as dead; etc. etc. They are just trying to do what our society has been doing with victims of rape since ages. To attach shame with the victim and pronounce her dead for the society. That’s what angers me.

  2. Yes Garry we all have experienced the trauma in bits and pieces but that girl has been through hell and we can never imagine that pain that this girl has been through. Garry i liked what u wrote and agree to whatever u have said. I also feel the main reason is the kind of upbringing that ppl provide to male child. I hope a few mothers will change after this incident ……

    • Gitz – i just hope that parents from our generation become sensible to teach their kids some morals and values so that we can expect a safe nation for the daughters of coming generation.

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