When Cricket lost The Kohinoor!

Goodbye Cricket....

Goodbye Cricket….


A day of relief for bowlers all over the world – Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar decided to retire from One Day International cricket.


The God of Cricket who is also known as Sachin came in sight on November 15, 1989. Debuted at 16 in a test match in Karachi, Sachin has been the reason for many to watch cricket for the past 23 years. I would miss those curious moments of seeing 99 turn into 100, runs corresponding to his name.

He was a magician on crease!

It is heartbreaking but was suppose to happen one day or the other. If it’s so difficult for the fans, I am wondering how difficult it would be for Him. He secretly revealed His decision through an email. He must be hurt more than His fans.

I would not longer be associated with Cricket, for me it was watching Sachin play than anything else.

Cricket will miss you Sachin, we all will.



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