The End of an Era


The last man standing in my grands’ generation called it off yesterday. My mom lost his father to a heart attack. Though we were not very frequent to our Naanke, there still are memories to cherish. I met him last year at my cousin’s marriage and that was after years. He looked weak, but still was no less than destiny’s favourite brat.

It was Lohri yesterday and we had some friends who came over for dinner. While helping my sister-in-law in the kitchen with chapattis, I heard mom calling out my name. And as in usual days we all do, I asked her to wait for a minute. She called again in rage, I was a little embarrassed of this behaviour as my friends were listening too. Blabbering in a rude tone, I came in the room where she was sitting. I saw her eyes filled with tears as she managed to inform me about her father’s death. I felt as if I have been hit by a rock. Suddenly I was too ashamed and shocked to say anything. All I could do was to hold her hand.

They had to leave early morning to see him off this mortal world. Mom, dad and brother left at 7 am along with masiji, mausaji and cousins following in their vehicle. They escaped the lethal fog at Yamuna express highway, when the car in front of ours banged into another one. It was a narrow escape. Later I heard the news on TV that there were 25 cars rammed into one another injuring over 12 people. It was the carelessness of one family because of which 25 others paid.

While Nanaji would continue to live in memories and albums, his Legacy is surely going to live long.

We never give it a thought but come what may, nothing in this world can replace parents AND nothing in this world can replace children. While elderly give us a feeling of being secured, children would continue to remain the purpose of living for parents. We may or may not be able to connect with our parents, due to distance in kilometres or in generations; but there mere presence in this world is enough to make us feel that we are not alone.

While I pray for my Nanaji to have peace, I wish that we realise on time that family would always be more important than egos, generation gaps, arguments and may we overcome them to cherish the sweetness of this wonderful bond called Family.


2 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. May God be with you and your family. At whatever age you lose a parent, and though you know it is bound to happen in your lifetime, it is till tough to accept it when they are gone. May your grandad find peace.

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