The New Year Rain


As if someone knocked through the window, the noise was so prominent that I had to put the television on mute. I heard the strong ‘music’ of leaves hustling with each other, there must be lightning too as clouds were roaring and within a minute I heard the sound of drops hitting the earth from heaven.

Now after 5 minutes I can say that it is raining heavily outside. The decibels suggest that the rain is accompanied by hailstone. I so want to go and get soaked in the rain right now, it’s just 11 in the night. I would have gone upstairs, if I were out of my cozy quilt. I am in no mood to feel the chill at the moment, but the noise outside is so tempting. Let’s see what I decide at the end of this post.

~~ 15 minute Interval ~~

Well…I could not wait till the end of this post. In fact, I was worried about how would I end this post. The thought of losing an opportunity struck me so hard that I decided to surrender to my temptation. I told Mom that I am going on the terrace. I knew her reaction, but I needed to try. I saw her angry face as she asked me to look outside the window of our covered balcony, to which my answer was a straight no. “Don’t act like a kid, as if you have never seen it raining”, this made me go for it even more. It’s better to be kids every now and then, isn’t it? Life then rewards you with its sweetness. All my efforts were worth it when I opened my terrace door and stepped in, keeping aside the instruction of not exposing myself to rain. “But with such heavy layer of clothing a couple of minutes in the rain would not do any harm”, I thought to myself. There were no hailstones (may be they melted by then) and the wind mellowed down too, but it was still raining heavily. Rain drops kept falling on my head and on face, making the smile turn into a grin. After this short and crisp treat what made my eyes wide open was lightning! It covered the entire area of sky within my view. It was nothing more than some lines drawn by a kid on a blank sheet and I was as happy as the mother would be, to see the masterpiece her child. I spent a few minutes standing on the door and smelling the nice fragrance in the atmosphere, it still smelt of wet mud. There were few vehicles crossing by the adjacent road, the noise interrupted the thunder of lightning but could not over shadow it.

The temperature must have dipped drastically because now it’s even more pleasant to get back into my quilt. Thanks to those who kept saying that the winters are over. The God of weather decided to prove them wrong.


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