The Last Christmas

A little foreground – This was an exercise in the class. We were given an object and were expected to write a short story including that. This was written about 10 days back in an hours time. Right now I have just edited it and have changed the ending. Images contain some text of the story, don’t skip it. Thanks!

~~~’~,<@ The Last Christmas @>,~’~~~

It was 24th December and the city was already in a Christmas mood. Shankar was called in the evening to transfer the confidential information in his possession to new occupant. He was asked to complete the task as quickly as the blink of an eye. Though he knew the urgency, but he had no plans to postpone his plans for the evening.

Shankar was 28, unmarried and had no girlfriend. He knew that he is not the kind of guy who would stick to one girl for the rest of his life. Hence, he found the idea of visiting the red light areas more appealing than a girl friend. This Christmas Eve was planned with Reva, a girl he noticed last time when he hired Poonam. It was Reva, who occupied his mind while he was involved in ‘the act’ with Poonam. He had been waiting for the moment to be in her arms, he wanted to be familiar with her smell, desired to run his fingers through her long and thick textured hair.

Leaving the confidential information at home was not safe, so he took the data along with him on his ‘date’. Same vibrant eyes that he had been dreaming of, greeted him in a small room. There was large bed for two which looked quite old as it required some varnish, room was adorned with yellow curtains which looked dirty but were resembling the colour of the bed cover, the fan was making a noise as it moved slowly providing no respite from the humidity, green painted walls hung some frames of old tribal women with their children, there was nothing exciting about the room with poor lighting, except Reva! He could not wait to feel the softness of her lips, with his. The door was closed after a while, which made the room even more dark. He switched on all available lights in the room during the intense moments of passion to see enough of her till their next meeting. Shankar had spent all of his month’s savings on Reva, he knew that it would take at least a month to see her again.

It was past one in the night; Shankar was walking alone after parking his vehicle at Kalyan Junction. He always did that to avoid driving in narrow lanes of Kalyan. While walking, he recalled the moment of wishing Reva a very ‘Happy’ Christmas. She had laughed too, as she replied with a ‘Merry’ Christmas.

The silent street that Shankar walked suddenly became noisy with the sound of few more footsteps. He could not get rid of it even when he took some quick and strange turns. He looked in the side mirror of a car parked alongside. Two men were following him. Though the faces were covered, but he knew who they were and what they wanted. Shankar began to run and found his way to a nearby cyber cafe. Opening the locked door was as easy as putting the melted butter on a bread. He heard footsteps just outside the shop; there were voices calling more people. Shankar knew he had few minutes to act.

In a couple of minutes, they found their way inside the shop. They caught hold of Shankar; he was beaten up in anticipation to fetch the confidential information. Shankar knew that it was his fault that he postponed the assigned work in spite of its urgency. But maybe it was love that all he could think of was Reva and the evening spent with her, even when the blood was gushing out of his unrecognised veins. It was this realization which made him bargain for his life in exchange of the confidential information. They agreed! Shankar took out the CD from his shirt’s pocket and handed it over to them.

Next day’s newspaper carried a headline

22-01-2013 22-10-29

Few days passed by, news channels and news papers got new headlines to share. On New Year’s Eve, Sheena was busy in the kitchen when she heard the ring of the doorbell. She opened the door to a courier boy. She found a letter and a pen drive when she opened the packet.

22-01-2013 23-31-09

PS. The object given to me was a Pen-drive


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