The Fall

Shooting Star

I want to rise
…up and high
I want to glow
…just like a firefly
I want to shine
…like moon in the dark sky
I want to float
…like those clouds passing by

The time would come
…when it’s difficult to stand tall
For everything that rises
…has to someday fall
I wish to make a promise
…to those near and far
That it would be as graceful
…as the sight of a shooting star

Dedicated to my Love for a Shooting Star…

I haven’t seen many in my life, but I wish to see them very often. I would like to believe in the magic of shooting stars…that they make your wish come true. ‘Falling’ is always considered to be a negative term, but nature has it’s unique way of proving things wrong. How can something so beautiful, mesmerizing and unique be negative. I find a falling star so graceful, something that people ‘wish’ to see…people like me are many. I wish to achieve such heights, may or may not be in terms of success but definitely in terms of character that if I ever have to ‘fall’ (God forbid)… it would not be less than the sight of a shooting star!!!


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