#8 – Coming Back!!!



Met a dear friend after many wordless years. Wordless because we decided not to speak as we had spoken alot of words which shouldn’t have been spoken.

As years pass by, you realize that there are many other serious reasons to be mute for to a person. And then when you realize the void and acknowledge the fact that you are missing that dear friend, sometimes hesitation, sometimes guilt and most of the times ego takes over and you put down the phone which you had picked up to text or call. And then sometimes situations play a role, like this one; where you want to but then you can’t get in touch with the other person as that person has suddenly gone into hibernation and no one has absolutely no clue about him/her. Situation becomes tricky when you have been meeting this person in your dreams or rather nightmares, leaving you worried till the memories of nightmare last.

So, you ofcourse would feel elated when all of a sudden you get a message from an unknown number and you make a right guess about who it is! Wouldn’t you immediately want to meet that person, well…I had to wait till the next day.

It was a pleasure to come face to face again to someone who was considered as a reflection once, simply because you two were inseparable. We kept talking, I don’t remember even one moment of silence. Though it sometimes felt as if I was dreaming.

Our lives have completely changed from what they were, but the good thing is that nothing felt unusual. It was the same old feeling, the same warmth that we once shared.

After this episode I firmly believe that friends are the necessity of life, you can’t live without them even if you try for once. But then, why to try something which is no fun?

So, if you have that one friend to which you have stopped talking for some stupid reason…please take a step forward, they need you as much as you need them.


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