A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]

So, I have decided to take this up this time. Let me see how far I can go.

Thanks Shine Kapoor for introducing this to me. This sounds pretty interesting and I am sure would keep me glued too, throughout the month.

Here is the deal guys, who so ever registers for this challenge will have to write one post each day for 26 days of April (leaving Sundays). Each of these 26 days would represent 26 alphabets and hence, the title of all the 26 posts would be in an alphabetical order. One can either choose a theme or write about random things. Apart from this, one must socialize by visiting atleast 5 other random blogs each day from the list of participating bloggers.


Initially I thought of writing about random things as I was not able to finalize a theme. After a lot of shifts from one theme to another, I decided that this one month exercise should be a process of ‘looking inwards and finding myself’. Amidst all the other challenges that life wants me to face, I have decided to make “Happiness in Being” to be the theme for this particular challenge.

Happiness that you derive from doing something, certain situations, things, relations etc…but nothing related to romance! A lot of people consider ‘being in love’ the ultimate happiness….it probably is, but here I want to focus on being happy without being involved romantically with someone.

Waiting for the clock to indicate the beginning of the Fool’s day…so that on the contrary, I would start something intelligent!

Good Luck!!!


13 thoughts on “A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]

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