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Aks is a Hindi word which means reflection in English. It could either be a physical reflection of the body (in mirror or water) or an intellectual reflection of the mind.

When I talk about things that make me Happy, my reflection plays a major role in that. If I am not comfortable in my skin, I would not like to see myself in the mirror and even if I agree to meet my aks in the mirror I might keep finding faults in what I see.

“I have put on weight again…aghrrr!!!”

“Oh no, the summer tan…can’t handle it anymore, makes me look two shades darker”

“This color looks so dull on me; I am not going to wear this shirt again.”

“I need to buy some heels for that taller look”

….so on and so forth.

I realized it of late that once I accepted the situation, things started getting better. In my case it was/is the weight issue. Though the situation has not changed completely, but one day I had a word with my aks. I told her that I can’t continue to dislike her and if I do, that means I look down at myself. How can I expect someone else to like me, if I don’t like to face myself in the mirror?

Since that day, unconsciously I am making efforts towards weight reduction. Whether anyone else likes me or not, I know that I completely love myself. Now my aks tells me what she wishes me to look like and I ensure that I work towards it.

And believe you me; when you feel happy with yourself, every color would look bright on you.

PS. Reflection of mind is awaiting its turn, shall come up soon!


NOTE: This post is a submission towards AtoZ Challenge.

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  4. For some one who has been on a battle with weight reduction since 3-4 years now, I totally get this post ! I love the work ‘aks’, I must say !

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